Ideas For a Non-Traditional New Years Party

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Host a theme party for New Years. Whether it’s a costume party or it has a specific theme like a masquerade of 1920’s party, it’s sure to add a new twist to the traditional New Years celebration.

Create a dance club in your home. Play fun, techno music and decorate with disco balls. Enjoy fun drinks all night, and dance your way into the new year. Ask guests to dress in club attire and come ready to party. If you want to go all out, set up flashing lights to create a club atmosphere.

Have a New Years Murder Mystery Party. Get a Murder Mystery Party Kit, and watch the hours fly by as everyone tries to figure out who committed the crime in the game. Time the game so it ends right before midnight so everyone can enjoy watching the ball drop after the murderer is discovered.

Have a New Years ice cream bar! It may be cold outside, but as long as it’s warm inside, you can have an awesome ice cream party. Get lots of flavors of ice cream and tons of toppings. Your friends will have tons of fun creating their perfect ice cream sundaes. If the weather’s too cold, buy pizza dough, sauce, cheese and toppings, and let everyone make their own pizza.

Host a fancy party on New Years Eve or New Years Day. Invite friends over for a fancy dinner. Ask everyone to dress up in cocktail attire. Serve champagne and cocktail appetizers. Treat New Years Eve like a fancy event.

Find a venue that’s open on New Years Eve. Hosting a party at a skating rink or at a bowling alley that has laser bowling can be fun and will make the night very exciting. Food is available at both of these venues, so ring in the new year with fun finger foods like pizza and french fries. You’re burning off the calories as you skate or bowl, so enjoy yourself.

If you live in a warm climate, go camping on New Years Eve. You won’t be glued to technology watching the ball drop, but you can enjoy a relaxing evening roasting marshmallows and simply enjoying life. Not in a warm climate? Rent a fancy hotel room and enjoy the day at the hotel’s spa and enjoying the amenities, then hang out in your hotel room or in a common area with others to watch the ball drop.


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