How to Survive The Holiday Madness – Christmas And Hanukkah Can Be Stressful!

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Take some time for yourself. Turn off your cell phone, close the computer and enjoy some alone time. Watch a movie, read a book or do something that lets you not think about real life for a little while. When you enjoy this day, order your food in. It’s not fun to relax all day and then have to cook – let a restaurant bring your food to you.

Shop from the privacy of your own home. Use as a one stop shopping site, or buy everyone presents at another site where you can get free shipping. Why go out and brave the cold and the mall when you can cuddle up in a blanket and shop from your own comfy chair?

If online shopping doesn’t even sound appealing, ask friends and family if you can skip the gifts for the year. With the state of the economy, it’s perfectly acceptable to say that money’s tight and you need to hold on to your cash. Besides, buying presents is overrated – if you want something, buy it for yourself, rather than spending money on someone else and hoping they’ll buy you the gift that you want.

Have your holiday food catered. Cooking is overrated when you have to entertain a houseful of friends and family members. Pay someone to do the cooking and enjoy a relaxed holiday celebration. Plus, if the food doesn’t taste good for any reason, you can blame the caterer and demand your money back.

Allow yourself to eat. People get so worked up about gaining weight over the holidays, but give yourself a break. Exercise when you get a chance and enjoy the Christmas and Hanukkah feasts. Don’t become preoccupied with counting calories. Live a little!

Book a vacation for after the holiday season. This will give you something to look forward to as you struggle through the stress of Christmas and Hanukkah. Of course, the holidays are fun despite the stress, but a vacation alone or with just your loved ones after the holidays is even better – and is much more relaxing! Plus, if you live in a cold climate, a trip to a tropical place can be very inviting after being in the snow.


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