Tips for choosing a small pet

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A small pet looks cute and many people prefer to buy one without knowing their lifestyle fits the needs of their desired pet. There is a wide range of small pets, for example dogs, cats, hamsters, guinea pigs, birds and even some exotic pets. Some may prefer a small dog or cat to play with; others will likely prefer which need a cave, for example hamsters, guinea pigs or birds need a cave into your house. It is obvious you choose a small pet you like but there are more issues you need to ensure before you want to get a small pet.

Here are some tips which may help to choose a suitable small pet for you:

1. A small dog

There is plenty of choice in different breeds but it is important to know the different characteristics. Selecting the right one is not always easy. Small dogs look so cute although they may not stay that way. Do some research to see which one would suit you best and here looking at the different breeds is essential since there are health considerations and suitability to your household to take into account.

There are several reasons why people choose a small dog. A number of small dog breeds make the perfect companion for people who live in an apartment. People who have children are more likely to choose a small dog because of the safety although this is not always the case with snappy dogs that can bite small children. We often read where large dogs have attacked children even though they know each other well. Small ones can as well, although there are some breeds that are more child friendly than others.

You can train a large dog, although children challenge them, and that can lead to unpredictable behavior of the dog. We often read that children are killed by large dogs. A small dog protects you against these kinds of problems. They can bite but children are certainly safer with a small dog, especially one that is well trained.

When you consider buying a small dog you need to be sure that your lifestyle suits the needs of your small dog. It is necessary that you spend a lot of time with them. Every dog needs exercise and a daily walk with your small dog is something you cannot forget to do. Never buy a small dog instead of a large dog because you want to spend less time with your new friend! Small dogs often desire more playtime and it is important paying attention to the vet visits and if they get the necessary vaccinations.

All small dogs have their own characteristics and even in the same breed there are differences. Something important in making your choice is to choose one which hair falls out or not. It can be annoying if your dog’s hair falls because you always have hair on your clothes during certain periods, for example a poodle. A poodle is a popular breed of small dogs whose hair falls out and regular grooming is a necessity. If you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself you can visit a doggy saloon with specialized people although these can be very expensive. Be aware you can better spend a bit more money grooming his hair because it is very important for your dog’s health and you will save money because your dog will be in a better health.

Some popular breeds of small dogs are:


Chihuahuas are small dogs which are well known for being fiercely loyal but often have an attitude of larger dogs; they are not the perfect choice when you have children because they bite easily. They don’t need much exercise and it doesn’t matter if you live in small home or a large one. Training is necessary from an early age and they can be socialized with other animals if they live together from a young age.

*The Maltese

The Maltese is maybe one of the cutest small dogs in the world. They like playing and are lively. An important characteristic is that they are trusting to their master and are mostly gentle, loving and certainly intelligent. They are ideal for living in an apartment and are very active inside.

*Yorkshire terriers

Yorkshire Terriers are probably the smallest breed you can find. These kind of puppies are very jealous but very loyal as companion. Mostly they choose their favorite master.

Small dogs are often very energetic and excellent for children and also older people. They live mostly longer than larger dogs; the average age is around 15 years dependent of the breed of dog. Both need exercise and these animals can improve the health of these people to obligate them to be active busy with them.

2. A small cat (kitten)

Many people like to buy a kitten because they are cute, funny and cuddly. However, they look the perfect pet for you; it is important to know they demand a lot of attention and these animals spend a lot of time outside and even climb in trees. An advantage of kittens that they don’t mind to stay alone; they can spend hours to play outside but they can also cause trouble in your house because it is possible they climb on the table and they can easy damage a vase or some valuable things which you have in your room.

Kittens have also different characteristics and you need to ensure you buy one which fits your lifestyle. It is important to know if you want a particular breed and it is wise to do some research before. A Siamese kitten might not a good choice for you if you want a quiet home because these kittens make much noise. A Persian cat requires a lot of work because they require daily grooming. If you can’t afford or you don’t like to this; you can best consider a short hair kitten. The Korat is maybe also a suitable kitten for you. These kittens are considered as “good luck” cats and originated from Thailand. They are energetic and are the perfect companions if you want some affection.

If you prefer to buy a kitten as your pet; it is important to inform about their food habits and you need to be aware that they need a scratching post for their nails. Kittens are socialized animals and are often need and clean but some training is required to teach them some habits which can’t be tolerated in house.

3. Hamsters, guinea pigs, cavias or other rodents

Hamsters, guinea pigs, cavias or other rodents are cute and often good pets for children. Most of them only live between 2 and three years and you need a cave to keep them in your house. You need to be aware some can give you a nasty bite if you want to cuddle these pets. It is useful to buy a book with all the necessary information of their habits and what to do if they bite you before you consider buying one.

Guinea pigs can be a better choice because they live longer (usually 8 years) but they are also larger. It is preferable to buy two of them because they prefer a companion of their own kind. If you want to avoid breeding, you can best buy two of the same sex.

4. Birds

Small birds are nice pets but you need to be aware some species need a special diary. Some of them live between 30 and 50 years and even longer; for example a small Macaw (a parrot). It is possible some requirements made them unsuitable for keeping them as pet. You need also to be aware that some birds require much attention and it is not a good idea to keep such birds if you are only a few hours each day at home.

Canaries are often the easiest ones to keep as pet. They don’t require much attention and you can even keep them in a small apartment. You will find species in different colors but probably the yellow ones are the most popular ones. These birds love to sing even if they are alone at home.

Choosing a small pet is a difficult task because you need to be aware of their characteristics and if these fit your lifestyle. Some may look cute but they can surprise you with an unwanted behavior if you are not aware of their habits. Some may prefer a puppy, a kitten, a rodent or even a bird or fish; it is wise to consider about all the consequences and how your life will change.

Buying a small pet is a long term decision but may benefit the quality of your life and even relieve the stress after a day working. If you do the necessary research you will find a new companion which gives the warmth and love you need.


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