The Kolaveri Phenomenon : Dhanush Rocks

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What is it about Kolaveri Di song that has made it such a rage in India and abroad?

In a super marketing move, Sony posted the song on Tamil, Hindi and international Facebook pages and it went on to become a national rage ahead of its launch. Within days, Kolaveri Di song became India’s most-searched YouTube video ever, the first Tamil film song to play on MTV India and national radio stations and now entire articles are being written in Indian and international press.

So much so that veteran Hindi actor Amitabh Bachchan also went gaga over the song. It is the latest trending topic on Twitter. It has got millions of hits on YouTube and has spread like wildfire on Facebook.

The Kolaveri Di phenomenon began with young gentleman Anirudh Ravichander and his first ever composition for a Tamil film that has got the entire country jiving to its beats. Director Aishwarya Rajinikanth had wanted a song that emoted failure in love.

The 21-year-old music composer set the tune within 5 minutes and Aishwarya’s husband — actor-cum-singer Dhanush — started off in broken English, singing in jest. The words and the song were finalised within a record 20 minutes.

The most watched music video has Dhanush singing the song in a recording studio, composer Anirudh at the keyboard and director Aishwarya and co-star Shruti Haasan seen giving suggestions.

The quirky song was a viral hit on the internet immediately after it was put up on YouTube. While the buzz is that the song was leaked, the makers deny it. The song was digitally released by Sony Music on November 16. The song features in the upcoming Tamil Film 3 which is due for release in 2012.

People behind Kolaveri

Even as the song has become a rage, very few know about the people who actually came up with this peppy number. The credit for turning this original promo song for Tamil flick Moonu stays entirely with the four who thought it up, the Kolaveri Di squad.

First in line is the singer of this song, Venkatesh Prabhu Kasthuri Raja, popularly known as Dhanush. This National Award winning 28-year-old is a famous Kollywood actor, married to superstar Rajinikanth’s daughter Aishwarya. It was Dhanush who came up with the Tamil-English mix of lyrics for Kolaveri Di.

For Aishwarya, a trained classical dancer, Moondru would be her first stint as a feature film director. She wanted a fresh and catchy number on love failure, to promote her film so Kolaveri Di was born.

Moondru will see Anirudh Ravichander, the nephew of Rajinikanth and alumni of Loyola College, making his debut as a music director. The young composer started humming the music as soon as Aishwarya came up with an idea of a promo song.

A known face in Hindi and Tamil film industry, Shruti Haasan, is the daughter of the legendary Kamal Haasan. She is the lead actor for Moondru along with Dhanush and was an integral part of the Kolaveri Di crew.

Song of lost love and rage

Kolaveri, a Tamil word, is supposed to mean murderous rage. Giving a pop touch to the song, Dhanush himself calls it a “flop song”. The song is a simple cry of a man who has lost out on love and who is asking the love of his life, the reason behind such a “murderous rage”.

What adds zing to the song is the conversational style of singing. As all heartbreaks end, the boy resorts to drinking to drown his sorrows.

Finally getting ditched in love a song for soup boys who have failed in love. With every boy and girl having faced at least one heartbreak, this song manages to reach out to one and all leaving everyone asking: why this Kolaveri Di.

Kolaveri Di sweeps Indian television

The entire nation seems to be swinging to Kolaveri Di and the song has become a rage on Indian television too. It has been dominating the airwaves on all music channels and the stars of the small screen cannot get enough of it.


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