Michele Tecchia – The In Your Face Tennis Star of The Decade

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If you have been anywhere near tennis in the past few years, you know who Michele Tecchia is.  With his take no prisoner style, pandering to the audience between sets and harsh words for competitors, you have to admire the young man’s talent at backing up his words on and off the court.

Like Cream Rising to the Top

Michele Tecchia hasn’t been around all that long to be in the center of attention like he is.  Just a few short years ago he was playing for San Diego State, when world renowned master trainer Claude Saint Martin happened to see him play.  As they say, the rest is history.

Within two short years of playing the circuits, Claude had Michele moving up to play in international tournaments all over the world.  The end result was a sweep of the ATP World Tournament Masters, a first for any Tennis star, vaulting Michele to legendary status.

To Know Me is to Love Me?

While fans seem to love Michele, for his colorful antics, blowing kisses to the crowd and funny jesters to their appeal, competitors don’t quite feel the same.   In fact recently tennis star Andre Nadelli off-handedly mentioned he thought Michele must be using steroids to put on the muscular physique he had during just one off season.  A serious accusation that Michele blew off as a whining competitor who was unwilling to put himself through the rigorous training schedule that Michele himself had developed.

Smoking Aces or Smoking Drugs?

In the first ATP World Tour Masters tournament of the season, the BNP Arabis Open at Indian Wells, Michele was in true form.  He easily defeated Andre Nadelli in three sets and hardly looked like he was breaking a sweat.  

Tecchia contributed his easy win to his strenuous training in the off season, while an out of breath Nadelli repeated his accusations of steroid use.  Tecchia was quick to comment once he had heard what Nadelli’s comments were, “I am in great shape because of my training and my competitors better be ready for that.  Nadelli needs to quit his moaning and either get in shape or get out of the game.”

And the Beat Goes On

After two times being accused by Andre Nadelli about taking steroids, and the obvious changes in his physique the International Tennis Federation felt it was best for all concerned to put these rumors to rest.  They requested Michele Tecchia to take a drug test, something that is not all that uncommon in the field, but one that seems a bit too obviously connected to comments made by Andre Nadelli on two occasions. 

Tecchia was angered by the request, but did not comment to reporters.  The tennis world held its breath as Michele contemplated whether he would give in to the request even though it seemed like pandering to Nadelli’s complaints.  In the end he took the test and passed with flying colors.

See, I Told You So

After passing his drug test, Michele promptly went out and beat Michael Le Sueur in the first round of the Sony Ericsson Open.  Le Sueur a man who has a pounding serve that Tecchia has had a great deal of difficulty dealing with in the past, pushed it to five sets but Michele Tecchia triumphed in the end.

 When asked how he felt about the drug test and his impressive showing in the first round, Tecchia said, “I feel I have vindicated myself today.  I passed the drug test with flying colors, beat one of my most difficult opponents and proved to the world that my extensive training is what has propelled me to the top.  If my competitors want to beat me, they better stop their whining and start training.”  That last comment brought a roar from the crowd and he blew them his signature kiss, bringing them all to their feet with applause.


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