The Many Advantages of Dedicated Web Hosting

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Every business, whether big or small, will benefit greatly from having its own website. That’s pretty common knowledge at this point. What isn’t so well known, though, is how dedicated web hosting is the far better option for such an endeavor. Shared webhosting services may be a bit cheaper, but the many advantages of dedicated hosting far outweigh its heftier price.

If you need a little more convincing regarding this matter, here are just a few of the many different advantages dedicated hosting can offer you:

1. Quicker loading times
Everyone loves a website that loads quickly, but sometimes shared hosting loading speeds are slow because of the number of clients in a single server. Since dedicated web hosting servers house your website and ONLY your website, there’s no need for it to divide up its bandwidth and resources to meet other clients’ needs. This allows it to upload and download data much faster and more effectively than any shared servers can.
2. Root and administrator access
Shared webhosting services don’t allow their clients root or administrator access to a server because that may put the security and privacy of their other users at risk, but sometimes you really will feel the need to be granted administrator access when you’re creating your website, especially if something’s going wrong or if you want to test a new script. Dedicated web hosting grants you that access from the very start!
3. Stability
Stability is important for any website – after all, you can’t get any traffic if your webhosting services are down or malfunctioning! Instability can be caused by smaller servers that host multiple client websites, and since dedicated servers are more powerful and aren’t affected by any other clients’ websites, they’re more stable compared to regular shared hosting servers.
4. Better security
Shared webhosting services usually have more trouble with viruses and security breaches compared to dedicated web hosting services. That’s because having more clients on one server just increases the chances of one of them accidentally infecting the server with a virus, or causing any other security issues. Since your server will be dedicated to just you and your websites, there’s very little chance of this happening.
5. Multiple websites and domains on one server
When you purchase a dedicated hosting plan, you can use that server to host all your other domains and websites as well. This allows you to have all of your online material and databases in one place instead of being littered among various shared hosting servers, and will make it much easier for you to maintain all of them.

Again, these are just a few of the advantages dedicated web hosting can offer you. Once you sign up for the right kind of service, you’ll quickly discover how beneficial it can truly be for your business. Don’t scrimp on quality just because the price is higher. If you really want your business to succeed in this dog-eat-dog economy, then you’ll invest in the very best.

Best of luck, and remember: when it comes to establishing an online presence, quality is and always will be the key.


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