Amazon Sets to Have Kindle Fire Distributed By Retailers

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The Amazon Kindle Fire is the latest edition of the popular e-reader device from Amazon, however it comes with some changes to make it more competitive with other similar devices on the market today. Most notably, the presence of a color screen, as well as increased features allowing the sharing of information online through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The Kindle was developed to let consumers have an easy to use device on which they could read books from the Amazon electronic books collection. In the Amazon Kindle Store, readers can find thousands of book titles, such as Romance Books, historic books, as well as practical self help books. There are millions of titles available for low prices, typically less than $5 per electronic book.

The decision to sell the Kindle Fire in stores is hardly any surprise, according to industry experts. The main competitor to the Kindle is the Barnes & Noble Nook. In order to remain competitive for retail impulse buys, Amazon has decided that they would make it available in some of their retail partners, even if this means less profit for unit sold than if they were strictly selling it from their website.

It should be known that the majority of stores which will be carrying the Kindle Fire when it comes out on November 15th are already partners of Amazon and have sold previous editions of the Kindle. Some of these partners include stores such as Best Buy, Walmart and Target. With all retail locations put together, Amazon is expecting over 16 000 stores to carry the new Kindle. This is said to be a part of their strategy to take advantage of the holiday shopping season, where an increased number of consumers will be making purchases both online and also in retail locations around the globe.

The increased availability of the Kindle Fire is welcomed news not only for Amazon, but for independent authors as well, such as those who create erotic books and poetry collections, as many of them rely mainly on the Amazon Kindle Store platform to sell their eBooks. Even though a computer is not strictly required to purchase eBooks from the Kindle Store, it is said that many impulse buys come from consumers that are using the Amazon Kindle and found an interesting book at a low price. This is similar as to how many application developers have made money by releasing low priced apps for the Apple iPhone or Android platforms.

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