100 Super Easy Potluck Ideas – 10 Minute Preparation or Less!

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100 Super Easy Potluck Ideas – 10 Minute Preparation or Less!

If you’re running out of time and need to bring something to a potluck, you need something quick and really easy!  No hassles and messy preparations involved!

Here is a list of very quick and easy ideas you can bring to your family, office, company or friends potluck party.

1.       Mini mandarin oranges – put them in a cute basket lined with festive and decorative tissue paper.

2.       A big bag of Kernel’s popcorn – ask for mini bags for guests to put their popcorn in.

3.       Barbecue chicken or rotisserie chicken – slice and arrange the chicken pieces on a plate.

4.       Premade cut up vegetable salad with dressing – put them in a glass bowl.

5.       Premade cut up fruit slices – if they’re already in a nice container, no preparation needed!

6.       Take out fried chicken – mmm smells good! No preparation needed, just bring the entire box of chicken!

7.       Take out chicken wings – hot and spicy!

8.       Big bag of tortilla chips –put them in a nice bowl.

9.       A tub of frozen puff pastry – yummy!

10.   The biggest bag of Cheetos you can find!

11.   Pringles of assorted flavours

12.   Milk and Dark Chocolate Almonds

13.   Assorted soda pop

14.   Chocolate Cake

15.   Cupcakes

16.   Cookies

17.   Ice Cream

18.   Mixed Nuts

19.   Pretzels

20.   Potato Salad – Premade

21.   Strawberries

22.   Spinach Salad – Prewashed

23.   Sandwiches – Buy Foot Long sandwiches and slice them into smaller pieces.

24.   Chocolate Chip Cookies

25.   Apple Juice, Orange Juice

26.   Chocolate wafers

27.   Take out meat buns, slice into quarters

28.   Apple Pie

29.   Cheesecake

30.   Meatballs, microwaveable

31.   Celery sticks

32.   Green and red pepper slices

33.   Carrot sticks

34.   Mini carrots

35.   Take out noodles

36.   Cheese sticks

37.   Take out French Fries or Curly Fries

38.   Fruit Cocktail, canned

39.   Sweet and Sour dish, take out

40.   Frozen popsicles

41.   Frozen yogurt individually packed

42.   Nanaimo bars

43.   Grapes

44.   Cream of Mushroom Soup

45.   Cinnamon buns

46.   Watermelon

47.   Raisin Bread

48.   Mixed nuts and seeds

49.   Pizza

50.   Sushi

51.   Take out barbecue pork

52.   Oreo cookies

53.   Hotdog, sausages or wieners

54.   Microwaveable flavoured rice

55.   Sliced Papaya

56.   Pistachio nuts

57.   Banana

58.   Miniature chocolates

59.   Ham

60.   Cheese slices

61.   Shrimp cocktail

62.   Take out party trays

63.   French bread with dip

64.   Crackers with dip

65.   Nachos with dip

66.   Macaroni salad, premade

67.   Brownies

68.   Bugles

69.   Sliced cucumber with dip

70.   Assorted potato chips

71.   Take out lasagna

72.   Bits and Bites Crackers

73.   Sweet Cranberries

74.   Frozen juice, mix in pitcher

75.   Assorted Donuts

76.   Assorted Muffins

77.   Sliced Pineapples

78.   Rice Cakes

79.   Chicken Pie

80.   Samosas, take out

81.   Taquitos

82.   Crackers with Cream Cheese

83.   Tuna Salad

84.   Spring Salad Mix

85.   Coleslaw salad

86.   Rice Crispie squares

87.   Sliced cantaloupe

88.   Sliced tomatoes or baby tomatoes with dip or dressing

89.   Sliced honeydew

90.   Sliced kiwi

91.   Skewered meat, premade

92.   Hummus

93.   Biscotti

94.   Oatmeal Coookies

95.   Pasta salad, premade

96.   Baked Potato wedges, buy from Deli

97.   Apple fritters

98.   Trail mix

99.   Tuna mixed with sun dried tomatoes, serve on crackers

100.   Spinach Dip

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