What Makes You Think You Are on Course?

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The road that leads to the wonderful future God has in stock for you requires concentration and focus. It is only when you concentrate and focus on what ever you engage yourself in that you can proudly say “I AM ON COURSE”.

Some times failure as well as the danger of elimination may come your way but that should not stop you. Failure is a fuel of life’s journey, since its experience provides the necessary tool and preparation you need for the task ahead of you. Life is a journey that needs a lot of preparation, concentration and focus but not competition, though competition challenges you to work hard in order to be best and get the best in every aspect of life. Falling in life gives you the privilege and opportunity to pick something (a tool, skill or experience) up from the ground and that would provide great strength to you. Falling always becomes a failure when you are not able to rise up from your fall.

There is a saying that “a concentrated mind is never disturbed”. So no matter the problems and burdens you face or comes your way, never give up but you should rather gather strength and courage, put effective and efficient plans in place for the next move and I assure you that with determination and hard work, you would not only achieve your goals but you would also bring something beneficial and meaningful from the pieces of your fall. Never cease to pray, for the book of Ephesians chapter 6: 12 tells us that “For we are not wresting with flesh and blood but against principalities, and powers against rulers of darkness of this age and the spiritual host of wickedness in heavenly places”

Time is not far sent, you can still make it if you want to achieve your goals in life. With God by your side, you have all what it takes to correct your mistakes of the past and move forward. Don’t give up, for with concentration, determination and perseverance, we will make it.

I believe that you’re on course and you would give way for the challenges of life to take you off track. KEEP ALL HOPES ALIVE.



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