Many Types of Mulches That Can be Used in The Garden

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 Refers to the method of mulch to the soil surface with mulch, inorganic or organic, to cover it to protect it from damage. Some people also use live bacteria or plants to the ground to protect the floor.

 Types of bacteria

There are several types of bacteria that can be used in the garden. Some of them are on the sense of community include wood chips, straw, bark, compost and spoiled, crushed corn, grass, algae, and the paper cardboard or sawdust, etc. All these germs when used properly they can improve the look of the garden bed. Irrespective of the bacterium, rubber, plastic, gravel and crushed CD and crush the shells used widely used in gardens. There are many decorative seeds available in the market that can be used for decorative purposes.

 If the MRSA 

The best time to mulch the flower beds in the fall and spring. The late fall protection, mulch the soil during the winter. Protected mulch in spring and flower during the summer.

How is MRSA 

It is important to ensure that the site is free of unwanted weeds before applying mulch. Tillage, to ensure the destruction of the weeds. The application of mulch around the plant spread to the soil around the stem and roots to protect. Ideally, it should be applied up to 2 inches thick, so it is easy to water and air to penetrate the soil. After application of mulch, you can rake the surface to get the classes ready.

 The advantages of the thalamus

• The flower beds and borders tend to dry in the hot summer days, and the mulch helps retain moisture in the soil for a longer period.

 • It also helps to prevent weeds before the emergence of evil in the bed of flowers.

 • Winter mulch protects the roots and stem of the plant against damage from freezing in winter.

 • Mulch prevents soil erosion and topsoil tends to be carried away during the rainy season and rain can be.

 • The bacteria can also improve soil structure. 

• Many people apply mulch to complete the decoration. Mulch can be really good to improve the landscape and it look so elegant.

 After the application of mulch, it is important to ensure that damage to plants. Not too close to the trunk can be damaged are some plants and trees. Can directly reduce mulch at the bar of lead, which makes them susceptible to disease. In addition, water and plants in sufficient quantity so as to reach the roots.

If the plant is under water and moisture can not reach into the situation on the ground below. Could and should be replaced by a layer of mulch of sawdust and old buildings, a new solid layer that it is difficult to penetrate the water does have .


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