Review On Anno 2070

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Well What Does the future hold for all of us?.. Not so much good if you or me can beleive That Ubisoft. In the year 2070 is a large part of our globe is underwater. This has everything to do with global warming. Green Energy plays well a very very important role to this new genre of Anno Games. This causes you to work with new technologies need to restore the atmosphere and to find new ways of resources. Anno 2070 is the first game of this series. So say goodbye to the old and past and have a glimpse into the wave of the future.
Now Welcome To Anno 2070

This story takes you to the faction of tycoon you’re been taken to employ tedious jobs to renovate a very aggressive yet annoying boos. We are working on a dam, which involved a scientist very unstable. But your Boss never listen to all the scientist in question and orders his men to the dam into use result a dam that falls under the pressure of the water and the lives of many people at risk. Next you qucikly build a refugee camp for anyone to catch.

The boss of your boss shows up and gives you an instant promotion. But your direct boss, who is severely admonished, swears revenge. The tone is put and the story grabs you right at the throat. The early levels serve as tutorial and do their job very well. Everyone will result in no time have the basics.

Everything Must be Connected

At benging of the campaign you will have control overy your Arc. This Arc its just like A Flagship in old Annogames, now you here to gather much information, trade resources and more after you start slowly but surely building up a city. And every city has certain criteria things that are needed such as work crew, food and energy. and even entertainment and barter. Everything in the right direction to build your entire network to ensure that you will always have enough or more resources available to you.

Like for exampe you can mines metal or metal mines. after which you going to melt them in pieces to molten metal can be burned to process tools that you need to build such hoses. Caught fish can be process into sushi and there are many or unique possiblelities. if you are building small. But you will get into trouble very hard when some or alot of houses are in a missing link in the chain. There should be Order in your City This is the most important. Everything MUST BE CONNECTED.

Now if your island  contains more or certain raw materials.Then its time to bring a thriving barter with your neighboring cities to set up and Arcs. with somes pressing a button you can sell or half sell your abundace of raw materials means let say for example rice will not be found on some island and a trading post. Do you really get the most or out of your barter. i think you should check all items for best price.

“And Dont Forget Build The City Of Your Dream”


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