Is a Strapless Wedding Dress the Right Choice for You?

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If you have ever picked up a celebrity magazine and read about a celebrity that has recently gotten married they very likely wore a strapless wedding dress. Because of the clean lines and elegant layout most stars choose this type of dress. So you may be thinking that is what I will wear. However as with most things, your body shape, the type of wedding you are having, and your budget will weigh heavily in whether you need to choose a strapless wedding gown for your dress.

Understanding that your physique will be front and center if you choose this type of dress, one of the first things to do is to make an honest assessment of your physical fitness and if you can improve it significantly before your big day. Also keep in mind the stress of getting a wedding together and the effect it will have on you and your eating and exercise habits.

You do need to remember that a strapless dress depends on just you to give it that gravity defying look. This will necessitate that you have a perfect fitting dress. If your weight bounces around you are going to need to keep a very close eye on it. On the day of your wedding it will not be possible to get a seamstress to do further alterations. If it does not fit perfectly you stand a very good chance of it landing in a pile on floor at some point in the service. Gravity is your enemy with this dress.

Because of it’s design, a strapless dress shows off your chest so you need to be careful of tan lines and also be sure of showing good bust line. One thing to consider is wearing a wedding basque. These have boning which helps to shape your hips and pull in your waist as well as giving your breasts some push-up support. It is a way to create a better physique than you actually have.

One big plus with a strapless wedding gown is it is a great choice for a summer wedding. It does allow the bride to stay cool and comfortable in most any warm setting.  Depending on the amount of adornment this is a great style for anything from a casual wedding to a formal one.  You will find that it has some limitations. For example it is not the gown to be wearing if you will be participating in the limbo at the reception.

One thing that makes a strapless dress all the more stunning are a beautiful pair of gloves. However there are many variations of strapless dresses and some even include sleeves.

As with any fashion you know what looks good on you and what you feel good in. That is certainly true when you select a wedding dress. Realistically decide what style of dress is right for you. You can begin this process by searching the web and learning about the different styles and looking at pictures to see which style would look best on you. Your wedding dress is probably the single most important fashion decision you will ever make. So look around at what styles are available and try on several different dresses until you find that perfect dress.

Kathy Street is a wedding coordinator and seamstress. She has a site that specializes in informal wedding gowns and creates many strapless wedding dresses.


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