How The Investment Results Normal?

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There will be no one who can with certainty orangpun represent or know when the market will move up and down or vice versa. As an example JCI moving quite fantastic and ‘wild’ ups and downs in the last 2-3 months.

But that ignorance is exactly what makes the investment of capital markets diproduk be beautiful and full of artistic value. In addition to lacking understanding of capital markets and derivative products, many of us who are already investing capital market still do not understand the mechanism of calculation of the profits.

This seemed reasonable because we are comparing with a very easy calculation of interest that we can from our deposit. Moreover, we also need to know exactly how big the actual results of our investment or net investment returns.

Although many theoretical calculation of investment returns as well as nominal and real arimatik and geomatrik, let us try to count the results of our investments is simple. From the above theory is most easily and frequently used is the result of real and nominal investment.

The results of real investment is the investment or interest that we receive from our funds minus inflation. Inflation is used there are 2 kinds of current inflation or inflation on average 10-15 years ago. For example, if we put the funds in time deposits that provide interest at 7% gross, or 5.6% net inflation-which is currently touted by the government around 6.5% last year so our funds to be -0.1% per year (5.6% – 6.5% ) or minus investment results.

Imagine when compared with average inflation of 10-15 years ago that could reach 12.64% or rounded to about 13% per year, then the return on investments because of the example above is equal to -7.4% (5.6% – 12%). A very large reduction of our investment funds which means that our money does not grow or even lose money. The score the more creepy if calculations using the savings that provide a perfunctory interest.

It must be remembered and realized this calculation with a note that our deposit we do not touch the alias taken any action. While we realize how many of us who depend on life or use it as an additional deposit of funds to cover living expenses. Consequently there will be more minuses. Invest properly and count again and make sure that the results of our investments are actually not be a minus.


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