Pyramid of Egypt

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What is the secret of a lasting and profound debate about the real builders of the pyramids, temples, Egyptian obelisks in particular Donna from other effects of the world? Who are they? When they built? Why are they lodged? The more important question of all of the above is how the temples?

So why the controversy about the Egyptian antiquities, particularly Donna only on the effects of the world?

If just a matter of hatred and greed of Egypt where the colonial Powers colonized and looted all the countries of the world, and the question that the proliferation of very impressive buildings in Egypt and gigantism Tsidha for all buildings in the world giant pull viewed wonder where all engineers in the world (how it was built?)


I have said to me one of the scholars in Europe, Germany is a Doctor engineer in the field of space rockets (the highest level of global culture and brightest of met in my life at all) when he was asked about his opinion in Al-Ahram, he replied: this is the mystery engineering only true on the face of the earth , we have reached Mars, and a branch in the depths of the ocean, and we used the microbes, we used corn Wu, China’s Great Wall was built by millions all that is needed is a many workers, Leaning Tower of Pisa will fall after a while, but we do not understand how the people of the past to build such as these pyramids of rock giant that can not handle them either by pruning or move or lift!!

Information about the nature of the Egyptian Antiquities giant

The size of the stone used in the construction of those buildings in some cases up to tens of cubic meters!!

The approximate number of stones of the Great Pyramid alone is 2.3 million rock!! And the magnitude of the number, if the use of rocks of the Great Pyramid and the girl alone for a fence around the world increase of 30 centimeters, or take the whole of France, up 3 meters, or about Egypt is now up 1.5 m

Average weight of the stone pyramid, the largest is 2.5 tons (two thousand five hundred kilos!)

Roof of the main pyramid, the larger the room (which they belong Azamono Cheops) and the estimated weight of between 15 to 35 tons!!

Heavier stone is the head of the Sphinx carved from a single rock and weighing a thousand tons (million kg)!!! He needs seven jumbo jets to move it!!

Distances between the location of cut stones and places to start construction of 35 km in Maadi and in some cases, to 650 km from Aswan!!

Building height reached to 163 meters!!

Is it conceivable that all this was done without any equipment, machinery, advanced technology or equipment is superior, but as Egyptologists claim ropes and oxen and manual labor of the Pharaohs who Amattllona in size!! (If they are truly the builders) and the majority relieve the trouble to reflect on the mystery that lies before us all, some believed that the Pharaohs were Madzen!! And others are tolerated and argues that perhaps they had the machinery and equipment and instruments hid We do not know anything about it!! The majority relieve itself and not to recognize the income of her!! The topic was simple and important, although the verse before us and a real puzzle of the evidence behind many important

Pyramid, the real puzzle

From here we understand that building the Egyptian mystery in every sense of the word, and the miracle of all standards, while the rest of the marvels of the seven as they call it there is nothing more than a great job, but not Madza, Fssor China’s Great built of small stones and Oajupth only in its need for a large number of people which available in China over time, but it does not amount to being the miraculous can not be replicated again, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy is the result of the failure of Engém, and will be located in a day of days, Oajupth that it did not occur quickly, but consumed a lot of time not only, that’s wonderful, but is not a miracle, and so on … The Great Pyramid can not be replicated even with the latest technical equipment available today! Therefore, it is prodigious by any standards.  


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