Finding a Cheap Wedding Dress

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For something worn only once and for a very few hours, a wedding dress needs to be purchased for as low a price as possible. That is why I used the term cheap in this article. Finding a cheap dress does not mean a shoddy dress or an ugly dress it does mean finding a gorgeous dress at a discount price. I hope to help you do that. There are several ways to find a bargain wedding gown.

Probably the best way is to do a search on Craig’s list. It is set up by city so all you need to do is go to Craig’s list and find the closest metropolitan area to you. They have great deals on many things so you may be able to get many of your wedding supplies from that one website. Another way to get a wedding dress at a big discount is to look at other online classified ads. This would include sites such as Backpage. They have listings all over the country and have many cheap wedding dresses. Go to Google and search for online classifieds and you will find tons of them. Yet another way is good ole Ebay. I have found that Ebay is a great place to find all sorts of wedding supplies at cheap prices.

They not only have used wedding gowns but also brand new designer wedding dresses. If you sign up for a Paypal account you cannot get ripped off or I have never been anyway. Check out Ebay and also Paypal and you will be amazed at all the things you can get at incredible prices. If you are looking for absolutely the lowest price for a quality dress then you may want to purchase a used gown. Many cities have consignment shops and you will always find lots of wedding dresses in them. As with any other sales venue you do not need to pay the price on the label. Tell them you really like the dress but at a price 20-30 percent lower.

While you are there you may be able to get your entire wardrobe for only a few hundred dollars. No matter what means you use to buy your dress be sure to inspect it and make sure it has no stains or tears in it. You may also need to get it altered by a qualified seamstress. With all the money you saved you can put it into other items such as more jewelry or a fabulous pair of gloves or an exquisite veil. Of course if you get these items cheaply you can put the extra money towards a better honeymoon. Use your imagination when trying to get a cheap wedding dress. As with most things, imagination and creativity will get you what you want and keep more money in your pocket. You can use this imagination and creativity to fashion your gown in such a way as people will think you splurged and got a designer gown.

Juanita Allmon is a wedding seamstress and wedding planner. She gives advice on things like finding a cheap wedding dress as well as giving suggestions on selecting a designer wedding dress



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