How to Style With Your Curly Hair | Cheap Style For Curly Hair

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You curly haired girls tend to have a love-hate relationship with your hair. Other people love it – you hate it. Maybe hate is a bit too harsh, but those other people just don’t have any idea, do they, of the constant struggle for control over your unruly locks. They’re prone to frizzing up, drying out and breaking off.There are days you want to throw in the towel and give up. But your curly hair can be so much stylish and can increase your outlook. How? Continue reading …

The path to a beautiful curly hair starts from a haircut fit to your face shape, getting rid of cloven ends, thing which must be done every 2 months. You may  understand that curly hair mustn’t be brushed, you have to use a comb with wide teeth. Also it is very important to let it dry by itself and not use a dryier what may cause your hair so much corley than at present. I am sure you do not want that.

Many of the women with curly hair would have want to have it straight, they do not realize how lucky they are, but I like it just the way it is, wouldn’t change it for anything. Let me tell you how I care for my curly hair and I have a beautiful hair I am very proud of and pretty much envied by my girlfriends. I wash my hair with a shampoo for curly hair, then I apply the conditioner for my type of hair, very hydrating, I stay with it minimum 30 minutes, sometimes even 1 hour, then I rinse it and I comb it wet while I rinse the conditioner. Because I stay that long with the conditioner my hair is very easy to detangle just like that, wet while I rinse it with water. I soak it and stay with the towel on my head for another hour. After that I apply a very good cream for curly hair which leaves it very hydrate and since I’ve been using it I noticed the ends do not clove as before and my hair is much softer. This is a product I really recommend Kerastase Nutritive Oleo-Curl Curl Definition Cream ( For Thick Curly Hair ) – 150ml/5oz. It is rather expensive but very efficient and you must apply little, mostly on your ends or where you feel you hair is dry. I use it 6 months with no problem. I stay with the head down, I apply the cream per length and ends, I grab it in my hands and squeeze it to help my hair curl more. I use a flexible mousse too, very little and I apply it in the same way, then I let it dry naturally. I only comb it while I rinse the conditioner, until the next wash (3-4 days), I do not touch it at all because combing ruins the curls. It doesn’t tangle much and the conditioner detangles it easily so I can comb it with no problem when I wash it. This is my way of carring for my curly hair and it is very efficient.


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