How Effective Are Diet Supplements

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The obesity problem not only continues across the world but is also becoming a concerning issue. It’s rapid increase is making people change their lifestyles drastically or look for what they call as the wonder drug, which can basically assist in the fat burning process.

There are four types of diet supplements that have been identified, which can assist in fat burning and weight loss. The four diet supplements are:

1. L-Carnitine: Although termed as an amino acid, L-Cartinine is more of a vitamin. The salient point of L-Cartinine is that it can take your fat to the mitochondria cells, which are fat burning mechanisms in our body. As a result of this diet supplement, you will not only lose weight due to fat burning but also get more energy. L-Cartinine is available in 500mg bottles that include 50 capsules and will cost your around $43.

2. Hot-Rox Extreme: Hot-Rox Extreme is a perfect weight loss diet supplement that has A7-E, which is the most effective fat burning supplement. It works 24/7 and has the capability to burn fat five times faster than what you can achieve through exercise and fat loss pills. The A7-E is called the super fat burner as this can stimulate mitochondrial uncoupling and also increase the overall thyroid hormone levels in your body. This is normally available in a bottle with 110 capsules and will cost you around $72.

3. Lipo-6X: The Lipo-6X is a advanced dietary supplement that has the ability to suppress your appetite and burn fat as well. One of the other things that Lipo-6X can do is thyroid boosting apart from the fact that it has been created from energy promoting compounds. Another salient point of Lipo-6X is that it works 24/7 and consists of 20mg of Synephrine HCL, 3mg of Yohimbine HCL, 100mg of Acacia Rigidula, 200mg of Caffeine and Synthetic Guggulsterones Z & E 1:1. It is available in a bottle containing 120 capsules and is priced at $60. The normal course should start with 2 capsules a day (morning and afternoon) and you will have to slowly increase to 4 capsules a day.

4. Therma Lean: Therma Lean was created for those who need a thermogenic formula that can stimulate the metabolic rate and ensure proper fat burning. This is a dietary supplement that has been made from mixing some of the most effective herbs to provide optimum fat burning. The ingredients in Therma Lean include Kola Nut (standardized for 50% caffeine), Mau Huang (standardized for 8% ephedrine), Chromium Picolinate, and White Willow Bark. It is normally used as a herbal supplement as well as a micro mineral. It is available in a bottle containing 100 capsules and will cost you around $70.


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