Selecting Wedding Chair Covers for Your Reception

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Certainly wedding chair covers are one way to get that majestic look at your wedding reception. No matter what material they are made of or the style of chair cover they will certainly enhance the look of your reception. The also have some very practical uses. If you are planning to rent many of your wedding supplies versus buying them then chair covers are a wise investment. One big problem with chair rentals is that because a rental company makes money by using the same items over and over the chairs will get worn looking after a while. In addition you may find that they have bought rental chairs from several different companies and so you may get five or six slightly different chairs. Luckily, chair covers, in addition to covering over all the bad things on or about the chairs are very versatile in both the styles they come in and the materials they are made of. Obviously the preferred color is white because it is neutral and also really helps to make whatever color sash bow you select to stand out. Some people choose a like color for the bow to give the chair cover and sash a monochrome look. Many people like to use the same material for their chair cover as they use for their tablecloth. If they have a satin tablecloth or overlay they want to use a satin chair cover. This is not mandatory and I have seen reception tables with satin used on top along with a white linen chair cover and it looked gorgeous. You will find that really any sort of chair cover will work with most tabletop decorations. So let your imagination run wild. If you are also planning on renting your chair covers then you need to make sure these all match or if that is not possible that you can find enough of the same shade to decorate one table. You may want to get the chair covers and sort them by shade and start on one side of the room with the whitest and work your way down to the more off white as you go across the room. Be sure that prior to the service you actually get a chair cover and try it on one of the chairs you will be using at the reception. Chair covers just like chairs come in different widths and lengths so be sure you have chair covers that fit you chairs. You do not want to find out on your wedding day that you cannot cover the chairs because the cover is not wide enough. If you have decided that to have the perfect wedding you need to use chair covers then as with the other parts of your wedding be sure you select the ones you want early on and are sure they will fit. Jeannie Reasons is a wedding consultant and has a website on wedding chair covers as well as one on wedding cameras



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