Google Adsense : Realize The Benefits of Web Advertising With Google's Adsense !!

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Web-based advertising via banner ads and such has yet togrow into the vast revenue stream as envisioned in the early days of the Web.While larger sites do make money from online advertising, it is often harderfor smaller sites to realize the benefits. Google’s AdSense levels the playingfield by allowing sites of all sizes to earn money via relevant advertising.Let’s take a closer look at the AdSense program and explore how you may use iton your site.

What is it?

The key feature of AdSense is the minimum amount of time ittakes to insert advertising on your site. It allows you to earn advertisingrevenue from each site page. Relevant ads based on the site’s content aredelivered to a site as text or images. You can take it a step further by addinga Google search field to deliver related ads based upon search criteria. It isa very flexible solution that allows you to easily incorporate ads on yoursite, and it is very easy to get started with the program.

Getting started

Google makes it easy to get up and running with AdSense viaan onlineapplication. During the sign up process, you specify a business or personal account.Google defines a personal account for personal users, as well as businesseswith less than 20 employees. The online application is submitted with approvalnotification sent via e-mail.

During initial sign up, you must agree with policies thatoutline what is permitted under the program. An interesting stipulation is that adsmay not be placed on pages without content, which is a common practice thesedays. Also, you must agree to the following guidelines in the application:

  • I agree that I will not click on the Google ads I’m serving through AdSense.
  • I will not place ads on sites that include incentives to click on ads.
  • I agree that I can receive checks made out to the payee name I have listed above.
  • I will not place ads on sites that include pornographic content.
  • I certify that I have read the AdSense Program Policies.

The key aspect of the AdSense program is getting paid, solet’s learn how that works.

Show me the money

The Google ads displayed on your site pages use two coststructures (for advertisers): cost-per-click (CPC) or cost-per-1,000-impressions(CPM). The AdSense program displays only CPC ads. This means that advertiserspay either when users click on ads, or when the advertiser’s ad is shown on asite. Using this model, you will receive a portion of the amount paid foreither activity on your site. The minimum payment amount is $100, so you won’tget paid until you have at least that much money in your account. Once you signup, you’ll have access to online reports to track account activity.

Making it work

When you have an active AdSense account, you can log ontothe AdSense site and select the AdSense Setup tab. You may utilize an ad unit(an image- or text-based ad) or a link unit (a group of links to relevanttopics).

When working with text or image ads, you can selecthorizontal, vertical, or square orientation with various formats. In addition,you select the color for the ad along with page placement and layout. Once youmake your selections, Google will present you with the code for placing ads onyour site. You can copy and paste the code in the appropriate location orlocations within your site. For example, the code inListing A was generated for a small rectangle ad.

A quick review of the JavaScript reveals the height andwidth specifications for the ad along with colorsettings. You can change the height and width settings, but the ads aredesigned for the generated settings so they may not be presented clearly if youmake changes. The key component of the JavaScript is the google_ad_clientvariable; this specifies who gets paid for clicks on the ad. This is the id foryour AdSense account. The second JavaScript block (show_ads.js)is the crux of the code; it loads the ad code from the Google server.

Another product within the program is AdSense for Search. Itallows you to place a Google search field on your site that presents searchresults with Google ads, which may earn you money from user clicks. You maychoose a regular Google search or a search of your site. Once again, the codefor the search is generated within the AdSense management pages. Listing B contains the code that wasgenerated for a Google search.

A few mouse clicks along with the copy and paste of code andyour site is realizing the rewards of advertising placement. While it is asimple product to utilize, it offers various options as well.

Other options

Along with easy ad and search placement on your pages, theAdSense program provides some control over what is placed on your site. Forinstance, you can ensure competitor ads don’t appear and filters block certain ad types. You may also review ads as well as choosedefault ads for your site.


AdSense’s reporting capabilitiesare one of the program’s best features. You can easily track what works and whatdoesn’t using the program on your site. The reports are too much to coverin detail, but once you sign up and begin using the program, you’ll appreciatetheir power.

Enhance your site and increase your revenue

Developing banner ads or any other types of siteadvertisements can be time-consuming. In addition, recruiting advertisers andhandling payment options present problems. Google provides the answer for sitesbig and small with its AdSense program, which makes it easy to place ads andsearch options on your site with minimal effort. Collecting revenue from theprogram is simple as well, so everything is handled without much effort onyour end.


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