Maintaining Food Service Equipment That Guarantees a Winning Guest Experience at Your Restaurant

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As a restaurant owner, it is essential to give due consideration to certain critical factors such as the location of your restaurant, your customers’ profile, total footfall and most importantly, the upkeep of food service equipment used in your restaurant’s kitchen. Food service equipment is expected to function literally 24X7 and is therefore manufactured with superior quality parts and other inputs. If it breaks down, it will hamper your operation, and no one wants to incur avoidable losses in their food service business. To achieve this objective, timely and periodic maintenance of the food service equipment used at your restaurant is mandatory. Protecting your investment with the help of a carefully articulated preventive maintenance plan, prompt access to warranty repairs and post-warranty service are all-important provisions you should make well in advance.

The Food Service Equipment Maintenance Planner

Timely maintenance of the food service equipment used at your facility saves both utility and replacement costs. We present a few guidelines for the maintenance of food service equipment, which you could take into consideration when drawing up your maintenance plan. Simply drawing up a schedule isn’t good enough— you need to implement it in a timely fashion so that all your guests and employees are able to associate your restaurant with the concept of top-notch service and clockwork precision.

Using Qualified Service Personnel

As far as possible, use factory trained service technicians to maintain your restaurant equipment. They may be a tad more expensive than other technicians. The difference can easily justify the difference in the level and quality of service you will receive.

Invest in Extended Warranties whenever Possible

When it comes to food service equipment at your restaurant, extended warranties can save you money in the long run. Restaurant equipment, especially of the electric and electronic variety, tends to work overtime frequently thus paving the way for increased break down activity.

Read the Instruction Manual

While you unpack your refrigerator, commercial dishwasher or microwave for the first time upon purchase, you must have noticed that they were all accompanied by printed instructional manuals, training CD, set-up instruction cards and other support documentation. Going through this material and adhering to the instructions provided can go a long way in increasing the life cycle of your restaurant food service equipment.

Prevention may be better than Cure

Setting up a scientifically calibrated and well-managed preventive maintenance and cleaning plan in which all your food service equipment undergoes a periodic and regular service check will go a long way in eliminating the likelihood of unannounced equipment breakdowns and possible service disruptions. Implement your plan wisely and you will notice that all your kitchen helpers will work like a charm for years to come.


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