How to Keep Your Tummy Healthy

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Digestion is the process wherein a person takes in food, and the digestive system processes the food and passes the nutrients along via the bloodstream. A fable of old has told the story of the different bodily organs claiming to be the king of the group, and when the opening to the person’s large intestine closed up, everyone felt sick and submitted to his leadership. Interestingly, research has shown that poor digestion can indeed cause a myriad of other problems, such as stomach ulcers, vomiting, nausea, and possibly irritable bowel syndrome. But how does one take care of his digestive system, anyway?

The first step is to know how to eat well. This includes the process of eating itself as well as the kind of food that you eat. Old wives’ tales tell us to chew our food hundreds of times before swallowing, and there is some truth in that. Chewing food properly indeed aids in the digestive process, since the stomach acids will no longer need to work overtime, or what is usually termed hyperacidity, wherein they need to be produced in larger measures. If you know how to eat slowly, you will also keep yourself from overeating unnecessarily, since research shows that it takes twenty minutes for your brain to register the signal that you are full. Additionally, it also wards off the possibility of swallowing a lot of air, since gulping down food in a very quick manner has the tendency to include air in what you are swallowing, which causes smelly burps. In addition to correcting the way you chew your food, experts recommend limiting one’s intake of highly acidic foods, such as citrus fruits, juices, coffee, alcohol, and even soda, which increase the acidity level in your stomach. If you are lactose-intolerant, it would also do you well to heed those warnings and stay away from dairy.

The next way you can take good care of your tummy is by eating a diet high in components that aid digestion, particularly fiber and probiotics. Fiber aids digestion by preventing constipation. It makes it easy for your intestines to move your bowel down at the right time. Meanwhile, probiotics are known as friendly bacteria that live in the intestines. These help a person digest food while fighting bad bacteria. They are mainly found in yogurt, and they have been known to fight against constipation, diarrhea, and even relieve irritable bowel syndrome. The strain of bacteria found in yogurt has been proven to speed up waste travel through the digestive system, while also improving immunity in one’s intestines.

Drinking plenty of water is also an essential element in taking good care of your digestive system. Doctors generally recommend a daily intake of eight to ten glasses of water for the average person, but if you happen to be heavier than average or sweat a whole lot more, it may be wise to increase your water consumption to some degree. Water has been shown to aid digestion in the intestinal tract. Besides, when you find yourself developing an affinity to water, you will not have as much trouble saying no to carbonated drinks or other soda. Also, drinking a glass before every meal will also protect your from gorging your food, as you will feel less hungry just before you start to eat. If you can develop the habit of drinking throughout the meal, it may even spell greater benefits for you.

Lastly, having a regular exercise regime could not be underestimated in its benefits for your digestive system. Aerobic and stretching workouts help your whole body stay in good working order, which spells tremendous benefits for your digestive system as well. Also, regular exercise has been known to regulate a person’s appetite as well, which means that you will no longer be vulnerable to bingeing every time you come to the dinner table.

Now that you understand these easy ways to take good care of your digestive system, you will likely see an improvement in your overall health as your tummy improves. Before you know it, you will be surprised that problems of hyperacidity and constipation seem to have disappeared without you dealing with them directly! This is the beauty of knowing how to take care of your tummy: everything else benefits!


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