What is a Critical Clean Llc Crime Scene Cleaner?

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In the unfortunate event of an accident, injury or crime there are hazards, messes and biohazards that need to be handled before a property can be considered safe, and restored to its original condition. This is where the services of a crime scene cleaner come in. Their job is to enter onto the scene immediately after the police have collected their evidence and questioned witnesses. Crime scene cleaners can be hired privately by the family, the police, or property owners and deal with a range of services from natural disasters to odour removal. Crime scene cleaning services provide cleaning in Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri to disinfect, restore and save property from additional damages.

What Services does Crime Scene Cleaning Include?

Crime scene cleaning is a specialized and technical job that includes equipment and technology to rid the home, property or public location from harmful airborne and blood-borne pathogens and biohazards, in addition to protecting residents from the aftermath of fires, flooding and natural disasters. Some of these services include:

Crime Scenes

In the event of a violent crime in public or in a home a crime scene cleaning services uses expertly trained technicians and equipment to remove odours permanently, clean up blood, urine, stains and vomit from the scene of the crime. Bodily fluids pose the risk of disease and unsanitary conditions. A crime scene cleaning service restores the property to a safe and liveable condition quickly and discreetly, without intruding on friends and family that are grieving.


After a fire a crime scene cleaning service will try to recover as many valuables as possible. They will temporarily board windows and doors to prevent injury and remove as much smoke and fire damage from walls and carpets, to restore the property and prevent increased damages.


Whether flooding was the result of a natural disaster or a plumbing or appliance issue, cleaners will prevent further damages by drying walls and carpeting with specialized dehumidifying and advanced drying equipment, and techniques to quickly dry and reduce moisture that could result in foundation damages and a decline in property value.

Property Cleanup

Crime scene cleaning technicians also work with property owners and health agencies to clean properties that have been exposed to hoarding or to prepare for demolition. The service clears and cleans properties that have been turned into garbage houses, cited with city violations or condemned. The company works with homeowners in a professional, caring and courteous manner and with city officials to devise a restoration plan.

After a crime, floods and fires, and to correct the mess and damages from hoarding, crime scene cleaners come onto the scene. They will sanitize, deodorize and restore properties to their original and liveable conditions. These services reduce costs to property owners and insurance companies and the service is quick, respectful and discreet.

Critical Clean LLC works with residents, land lords and government agencies in Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri. To find out more about the role of a crime scene cleaner or to book an appointment visit, criticalcleanllc.


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