College Life Is Best

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College life is the most loved period of time of a student. As he wind up as fed with the stifled atm of school where the scholars were driven with the stick. A student always dream of a free, self governing and charming life of college. Where he can survive himself concording to his wish. College is the place where the bookman is free to study, enjoy and to participate in quite a few other things you can do. They dont have any load on them as they dont have any hard and fast rules for study. This is a result of, in college life students are well aware of their educational goals and targets if they are attracted for their aim then they will never fuck up their time. They know well merits and demerits.

Therein life of advantage, some students become very lazy and careless about their studies. They just start only enjoying their privilege without taking any tension of their studies. They become the great bluffers and dismiss their targets of life. They become dull and drab. Really they start thinking that they are very smart and will be able to feel the exams very easily. But their revelations ruin them. College life is just like a gate of our future. So every student must make hard to lessen their future and should not misuse the freedom of college life. An aspiration is the guiding star of our life therefore we must take it badly as college life provide us this chance to burn midnight oil to fulfill our dreams.

Our parents, our friends and congenators remain in await to listen about our success. In our country, usually the assets are not the metallic things rather a good job will become a good fortune for the whole family and a normal job needs a well to do academic record. This can only be possible when a college student puts his utmost efforts to reach the desired targets and brings a good name to his family and friends. We feel lofty for it now that our society is mutualist and a bright success of any person’s son or little princess brings colors in life for the parents as well as for the whole area where he or she lives. A maintained college life is the political platform where a student can take his opportunities train.


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