The ABC’s of Success

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A is for Attitude- You won’t have success if you don’t have the right attitude.

B is for Balance- Too much of anything is never a good thing.

C is for Common Sense- Don’t do something really stupid, use your common sense.

D is for Desire- In order to succeed you need to want it.

E is for Environment- A supportive and constructive environment is always helpful.

F is for Focus- You need to keep from being distracted or you will not make it far.

G is for Group- Doing things in a group is usually helpful and more fun.

H is for Happiness- If you are not happy with whatever you are doing, you will be less inclined to do it. You should reconsider whether what you are doing is the best idea.

I is for Individuality- Be yourself; Let others see who you really are and do things that you enjoy doing.

J is for Joke- Take a minute and share a joke with your friends and family.

K is for Keep Quiet- There are some things better thought than said.

L is for Loyalty- Showing loyalty towards your friends can go along way.

M is for Mindset- to succeed you need to have the correct mindset in order to succeed.

N is for Competitive Nature- Competition often brings out the best in us.

O is for Opportunity- When you have an opportunity to better yourself or gain wider acknowledgment, take it.

P is for Picture- Picture yourself 15 years in the future. What do you wish to have done or achieved by then?

Q is for Question- As Maria Mitchell once said, “We cannot take anything for granted, beyond the first mathematical formula. Question everything else.”

R is for Rest and Replenishment- Take a break every once in a while to replenish and enjoy yourself; you owe it to yourself.

S is for Stay Calm- When people are angry they often say or do things they don’t mean and later regret.

T is for Talent- A little talent can never hurt your cause.

U is for- Utilization- Be sure to utilize any assets or resources available to you.

V is for Vacation- Take a vacation every so often to spend time with friends and family, have a good time, and relax.

W is for Work- You need to put in the work in order to be successful.

X is for X-ray – Take the time to get an X-ray or get checked out by a doctor to make sure that you are healthy and physically well.

Y is for Yield- When you’re about to talk, stop and listen to the other person. There’s a reason we have two ears and only one mouth.

Z is for Zeal- Remember, without the zeal or passion, you won’t make it far.


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