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Do you remember their childhood when he’s playing? Various games, either have a name or not, from hide and seek, playing catch up, to be a very fun game. But: Did you ever think, if the game in childhood can make a difference for our future?

This happened to a man born in Ontario, Canada, James Naismith. He was an orphan since childhood, because his brother James and three bereaved parents malignant disease outbreak in 1871. Since then, he went to live with her uncle who has a plantation.

James then grew into a very talented in sports. Again and again he received an award at a rugby match and in the gymnastics arena, especially after he became a student at McGill University in Montreal Canada. After graduation, athletic talent channeled. At that time, he entered into one of the sports trainer at the YMCA International Training School in Springfield Massachusetts.

As a sports coach, he was asked by his superiors to make the game to fill the spare time during the recess football and baseball seasons. This is necessary so that the athletes stay in shape in a long rest. James then turned the brain, how he could make an interesting exercise, but still could make the performance of the athletes stay fit.

In search of it, James suddenly remember a game in his childhood. The game was called “Duck on a Rock”, which is a game of throwing the ball in the basket. From this childhood inspiration, James then divide the 18 students into two groups, each of 9 people. There was one person as a goalie, two defense, three midfielders, two wingers, and one player on base. Each team will try to incorporate as many balls into the basket.

Soon, the game was liked by students James. Unfortunately, the basket was still covered under the basket as usual. It is often complained of, because every time you put the ball into the basket, it should be hard to pick up into the basket. However, this does not last long. James soon got the idea of ​​cutting the bottom of the basket so the ball could be straight out of the basket. This later became the forerunner of the basketball game.

In 1893, after a basketball hoop made of steel, this game more popular. And, this is followed by a number of regulations and a new agreement that makes basketball more known everywhere until it became an official sport in 1909.


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