Treatment of Common Types of Phobias

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Treatments of concerned Phobias

Treatment of Fear of ‘Heights’ :

• A rapid training of your unconscious mind to connect different, positive feelings to the stimuli that triggers the phobia to access that there is no fear as such to comply with danger.
• Getting treated with correct ‘Diagnosis’ of the disease trough a recognized ‘Doctor’ in a clinic with a help of ‘Medication’ procedures.
• Dizziness/unconscious treatment by self help or the help of a ‘Psychiatrist’.
• Actual mathematical calculations of the ‘Amount of Height’ from ground zero to the ‘Zenith’ of a skyscraper where one has actual stand and having fear to look down/jump.
• Knowing Tips of the ‘Expertise’ of fear of heights through experts of ‘Height Assessment teams’ worldwide for ex: Base- jumpers; Sky-troopers; Para-troopers; Bung-jumpers; etc.
• A desired jump from a very low dangerous margin for ex: Swimming pool board and assessing whether to jump inside in a deeper possibility or else to take help of the ‘Lifeguards’ inside the pool.
• Testing up of ‘Height of Bridge/high level construction’ trespassers route if one is a frequent ‘Driver’ at the busy expressway/highway and fears of any ‘Natural calamity’ of collapsing from extreme height to down earth ramifications.

Treatment of Fear of ‘darkness’ :

• A persistent, abnormal, and unwarranted fear of darkness is treated through ‘Self-confidence and strength to fight with it.
• Ability to fight the inner darkness rather fighting the external forces to consider an object as a ‘Ghost’ and then treating it as normal object of understanding with a meaning implied to it.
• Needful distress of fear of ‘Dark’ can only commanded by needless distress of availability of number of things/objects surrounding one and haunting one to a limit.
• ‘Patience’ and calmness to do meticulous (thorough) planning in order to understand the cause and then taking necessary means to eradicate for ex: ‘Medication’!
• Uneven ‘Haunted Dreams’ in the night occurs due to “Insomnia” (uneven sleep disorder) and its sheer treatment is with an appropriate sleep of 8-10 hours in night.
“Ahh, this whole thing is very dangerous. How do I keep myself from getting in this kind of situation again? I know, I’ll attach terrible feelings to darkness or the dark, that way I’ll steer clear in future and so be safe.”
• Attachment of emotions to situational aspects of fear of ‘Darkness’ (treatment).
• In certain cases of ‘Darkness Phobia’——‘Hypnosis of Dark’ is treated by experts.
• Reduction of anxiety level to see the darker ages or future of one’s life & career.

Treatment of Fear of ‘Being Alone’ :

• Phobia of having solitude or loneliness is a ‘congenital Disease’ that demands self-help treatments and experiencing the designated results out of that help.
• Treatment of ‘Insult/torture’ to an already distressing situation with the help of different therapies availability.
• Though a variety of potent drugs are often prescribed for phobia of being alone, side effects and/or withdrawal symptoms can be severe. Moreover, drugs do not “cure” phobia of being alone or any other phobia. At best they temporarily suppress the symptoms through chemical interaction.
• Understanding of Personal, Social and Family life Matters are the key areas to rejuvenate emotions and feelings in a given time period in order to eradicate the influence of ‘Solitude’.
• ‘Equilibrium’ process helps in treating living a life that is just a shadow of what it will be when the problem is gone.
• A non revealing personal identity could also be a gigantic cause of loneliness or solitude which can be treated by knowing the identity of the stranger you have been having a relationship with!( for short period of time/longer period) duration.

Treatment of Fear of ‘Enclosed Spaces’ :

• Enclosed spaces are the dark and dingy spaces to begin with for ex: Design, trapments, capacity, freight elevators, vehicle, boat, Aircrafts, Material Handling Belts, Tractions, Hydraulic and climbing elevators, etc. It can be treated thereupon by self-assessment techniques.
• ‘Passengers service’ is the ultimate treatment for getting rid of enclosed phobias for ex: in a high electric speed lift one doesn’t need to stay much longer.
• Suffocation inside a bus-full of commuters could be overcome with half or full glasses opened to breathe a sigh of relief and adjustments correctly done by conductor for those standing & those already seated.
• In titanic ‘Fairs/exhibitions/Amusement parks’ there is a dearth of space available to walk therefore ‘’overcrowded’ places should be avoided and advanced assessment is required beforehand.
• ‘Paper bag re-breathing’ is possible everywhere by anyone to overcome the fear of enclosed spaces as it helps re-gaining senses for a longer period as it was before.

Treatment of Fear of ‘Hospitals (hypodermic needles & injections) :

• Incapacitating distress of ‘Hypodermic needles/injections’ can be overcome through exposing you over and over again to the fear while facing many doctors and nurses.
• Fear of the specific color of the room or curtains drawn upon could be immediately changed by specific demand towards a doctor available in order to get rid of it.
• Fond smell irritation could also be overcome by immediate maintenance of ‘Hygiene’ for the surrounding area to have clean and clear environment around.
• The accustomed individual to ‘air-conditioners’ could be demanded in special cases by patient towards the hospital authority as one may feel vulnerable because of non-presence of it.
• Strategies for re-patterning your automatic thoughts about hospitals are always possible in a defined circumstance at a stipulated time period.
• ‘Private Hospitals’ should be the preferred concern who also wants to maintain the status as Govt. ‘Hospitals’ could itself brings upon terror in the minds in advance before going under the knife(under the operation).

Treatment of Fear of ‘Crowd’ :

• ‘Crowd or Mob’ is everybody’s greatest form of phobia/fear unless one is bold enough and confidence enough to face number of groups or people in particular.
• In order to master ‘Public Speaking’ one has to move up to the Leadership position. It’s the key notable persons use to carry themselves and portray a leadership perception.
• One should try to make his/her own small/big community in any circumstance for ex: on Internet, in vicinity, in a Public gathering, in any Institution, etc. ‘community building’ is the utmost treatment of ‘Fear of Crowd’.
• ‘Eye Contact’ is yet another treatment for the dangerous cause of addressing to hundred /thousands so that appropriate body composure wit sure-shot terminology of the related cause could help build one’s personality and mastering the skills as long as possible.
• Treatment might consist of following important ingredients in a nutshell as like: Spectators influence, absolute delivery of information and entertainment skills/talents.

Treatment of Fear of ‘Zoophobia’ :

• Overcoming the phobia of ‘Zoo’ especially the homemade Pets/unwanted guests like: spiders/snakes/cats, etc. can be treated by leaving them alone unless they try to invade your living room/bedrooms, etc.
• ‘Women’ could call someone immediately in dangerous situation to overcome the fear of shiver or yelling for no cause as sometimes they could also attack in fear of Humans.
• A sensation of ‘Honoring up the Master’ with comfort and ease is in every animals nature or by-birth cause to respect as well if treated well in any circumstance therefore, the treatment could be absolute for either getting rid of them slowly or gradually or try to become the part & parcel of using them as your ‘Domestic Pets’.
• Treatment for disgrace towards animals is natural born as many are vulnerable to a special cause called ‘Allergy Symptoms’ which in fact is nothing but a ‘Paranoid Delusion/hallucination’ because not every animal gives you the creeps of remaining allergenic for substantial amount of time as they are not to spread disease every now and then!
• Treatment for ‘Unwanted and Un-expected Voices’ that sounds strange in the mid of the night especially tells the ‘Ghostly Tale’ for a phobic, therefore it should always be considered normal in any situation as ‘Growling of Cats/Dogs’ is mentioned as ‘Sheer Death’ in a family or in the vicinity(neighborhood).


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