Bipolar Mental Illnesses

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reacts to the circumstances around the desired atmosphere, achieve a sympathy, crying unwontedly for no possible cause, shouting incessantly over others, addressing to oneself, unable to express feelings and state emotions towards others in the society etc. A bipolar mental illness can be a congenital (by-birth) disease or may have caused due to any accident or tragedy that has haunted one’s brain for prolonged period of time.

In a stage where the patient’s mind is deprived about any information the body wants to process it gives us the outlook of the patient that the sufferer is going through the drudgery of poor health and internal pain that even overtime takes a shape of physical torture and unexpected behaviour. The patient starts to harm himself or person outside his wish-list, he develops self-injury criteria in a form of suicidal tendencies and starts thinking with a destructive analysis as to how to treat or react to the voice of others innocently? What might be the best output if I starts behaving madly to others performing to act like a joker or simple maniac who has created his own personal world confined to his personal privacies and not to be shared syndrome for many-many years with strangers.

In bipolar illness even the loved one for the patient turns enemy for him to deal with the possible future consequences. Such illness if neglected by a stranger is helpful to undermine the real cause of the patient’s happiness but most of us in the society are either terrified or misjudges the reaction presented to us directly and thus a single wrong move with the disturbed patient might have catastrophic attempts of sometimes life and death situations thereby according to many neurologists around the globe the sufferer should always be encouraged and be given the permission to whatever there minds feel alright about and best of the knowledge and skills performed because the real challenge to help protect these cases of patients is to analyse what they want from normal people and what are their reactions towards it which can be taken due care about if won overtime with commitment and patience.

The psychology of each sufferer differs from one another and on the basis of it the neurosurgeon decides as to how the patient is treated because in most of the cases the mental illness takes the shape of destructive mind syndrome and prevents patient to not react abnormally but to harm only others. The conditions such as burning house or garbage of the dustbin, twitching the skin of the members of the family whenever feel so to do, slapping and picking fight with concerned people, forgetting to take breakfast, lunch and dinner, forgetting as to how to drive a car or ride a motorbike, laughing or weeping for many hours with prior notification to others as why it is been performed, having anxiety to have been disturbed by someone else when thoroughly concentrating to a specific work, drinking lots more of water with jug instead of the bottles, feasting excessively over food diet, unable to maintain hygiene in the house or at the public places, talking to themselves with no one around and having a feeling of guilt and shy for not even committing any mistake are some of the bipolar disorders that are caused due to major hormonal imbalances inside the human’s body parts as what the body thinks of doing right and precise is reciprocated by the brain with no accurate connection between the two exactly and patient becomes terribly confused as to what to do about it quickly and forgets everything else that comes its way.


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