Bipolar Disorder Self Injury

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A patient looses its conscious and sensory perceptions to adopt and to adjust accordingly with the worldly moods and motives. His mood swings whenever it might help him to behave abnormally for no specific reason and purpose in hand. It’s a stage of self-harm or damage and self-mutilation is the acted purpose to compulsively harm oneself and targeting especially the skin surface as it provides warmth and soft and fluffy feeling to the sufferer. The tendency to harm oneself can easily be projected in the street beggar begging by the corner of the street.

The bipolar self-injury disorder doesn’t always trigger the suicide attempts but necessary catastrophic known attempts are been made sometimes to result in lose of life (death). The mood behaviors of the sufferer wants to scratch, cut, burn, bang the head by the wall or even dreaming about hitting the head with the help of razor-sharp-edged-weapons such as knives, hammer, etc.

The degree of the attack in a patient is thoroughly advocated by psychiatrists to not prevent patient to hurt himself no matter how hard the circumstances are. The symptom of bipolar disorder is the borderline personality trait for a patient to neglect things he/she dislikes or things that relishes him the most in due course time period. The bipolar occurs due to silent suffocation of the heart with hidden feelings at the deep core of the heart seized to trouble a sufferer and to suffer the silent shame without telling the cause of the problem to discuss thoroughly with strangers in the society.

The bipolar disease is easily triggered among sufferers of physical damage by husbands or wives, a large proportion of sexual and emotional abuse or harassments done either in the early childhood or at the adolescence age respectively. If there’s experienced a sudden outbreak of hypertension over petty issues or unexpected talk with others, the disorder expose the patient to start taking intoxicants to show dependency over alcohol which is termed the worst bipolar disorder of the human brain as alcohol won’t lure the brain to eradicate tensions but to enhance them more to a limit triggering to commit suicide or to attempt to murder the person involved in the fight.

There are certain same characteristics shared by many bipolar patients in the society such as there’s a sense of fear mounting over their brains, the self-harm syndrome is recurrent in nature, a deep sense of anxiety with a bit shame, the event has been utterly disturbed the sufferer due to worst circumstances and or the patient might want to knowingly hide the secrets or sheer evidence of any case e.g. murder, scar over the face, stealing of the money, etc. The self-injury turmoil be overcome with the help of self-help and motivations by friends and families or any other loved one closely attached to the sufferer to boost up his moral and can inspire him to progress in life no matter the circumstance doesn’t help him at all.

Encourage a sufferer with the help of self-seeker support groups specially formed by volunteers and active members so that the patient falling under such catastrophic disorders be made safe and helped accordingly as per their convenience and best of knowledge instigated. They must be urged to open their respected minds before the helper so that correct analyses of the difficulty be understated with no false commitment and appropriation because sometimes the help act upon to work with a vice-versa situation troubling the sufferer more then under normal purview and making the condition go bad to worst in the first instance. Instead the condition will enhance then diminish automatically as per the will of the patient.

In order to let the sufferer break each cycle of sacrifice and sheer pain his each step be advised to be applaud and be encouraged to be conquered thereupon. Certain insomniacs even take delight in burning their own respected home premises.


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