Seven Avenues For Your Stress Relief

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Seven Avenues For Your Stress Relief


It is an era of stress and strain and people are in an unprecedented race for fortune or fruit with a speed never experienced since the maiden day of human civilization. The globe is at present like a huge village at times shivering at the point of the terrorists’ guns and stress of the people stems regularly from the diverse sources, sources like examination phobia, serious ailment, ruining relations, tomorrows embedded in utter uncertainty, severe unemployment or chances of getting sacked any day and many such  others.

Still mankind is the wonder of all wonders whom Shakespeare, the greatest of the bards, has once coined as “noble in reason and infinite in faculty”. Hence endeavor of the people to face the curse called stress has been noticed all over the world. Seven measures to free ourselves from stress may be submitted below.

1)      Learn the symptoms : Are you a captive of despair? Do you behave unmannerly with the people near and dear? Are you getting irritated for no reason or for any trifle reason? Have you discovered that you have lost appetite? Do you feel that it is better to take rest and avoid appointment? Do you feel you are afraid of anything or you are losing confidence of your own?

2)      Learn the sources and order them: As you are a man, you have a very sharp brain. Therefore, you need not get terrorized. Just have your calm and note down the sources one after another. You will find some of them are weak and a few of them are strong. Acquire courage from within and have a dialogue with the self in you. Where is the problem? Office? Study the veins of the office and find the faces and measure all the relations patiently. Try to be simple and straight. Take the trouble of educating yourself with the basic that your dignity is be maintained and that you should remain prepared to be satisfied with the value that you really deserve. Try to be bold to open the discourses and force it gently to open it. The same measures you should take if the afflictions stem from any relation or if the source is any sector of the society. Remember that there are many problems surrounding you and you are not in a position to solve them. They may hurt you and if they hurt you will have to withstand them until any opportune moment appears incidentally.

3)      Re-order your diets: Healthy food you need urgently. You need it because you will be tired easily because of the stress. Your food should be caloried and rich with protein. You will have to select your own food, food with beautiful appearance and with pleasing fragrance and of course delicious. You will have to be pleased with the intake. Yes, in such situation food is one of your virtual friends. You should drink sufficient water too.

4)      Pay attention to exercises: This is very important. Jogging or walking in the morning is nice, but there should be regularity. Physical exercises for half an hour daily is the right prescription as you will be engaged in manual labor and this process will affect necessary blood circulation in all parts of your body. This time your brain cells will receive enough oxygenated blood and protein too. This will help in reducing your stress effectively.

5)      Watch television programs or read books and hear instruments: It is necessary to shift your thoughts or the stream of your thoughts to other channels. If you feel comfortable in watching televisions it will be fine. Watch different programs save of course those that present complicated status of human relations. This is suggested simply because of the fact that they are generally not presented scientifically or even aesthetically. You may also prefer reading. Epics, Indian or Western, will be the best as the vast spectrum of these part of literature and the magnificence of the characters are natural healers. Of the rest you can select children’s books. It is also of good effect if you daily hear instrumental music of India or of the West and if you play it slowly.

6)      Be busy with the games: You may play indoor games of your choice and not those that will excite you and also create tension within you. Some computer games are good, but do not try with the strategic games for some days. Patience with the cards may be better. Games are truly stress-neutralizer.

7)      Sleep well and practice meditation before a sleep: A must it is. You need uninterrupted sleep of seven to nine hours daily in a comfortable bedroom with less or no light. If you find you are not favored by the god of sleep, please be cool and maintain a particular time to sleep. It will be achieved within a few days. The god of sleep is not unkind at least. Well, do one thing before going to bed. Sit easily and breathe easily and follow the course of the air inhaled and exhaled. Silently. Simplest step of meditation, I mean. Five to fifteen minutes a day. You will surely sleep and you will be relieved of your stress, I am sure.


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