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A blog is an online journal filled with a person’s personal thoughts on a subject they have strong
convictions about. This might encompass politics, the environment, relationships, celebs, cooking, gardening,
sports, health, games, collections, fashion, beauty, personal issues. You name it. You will probably find a blog
online about that very subject. After blogging for awhile most wonder if there is a way to make
extra cash with their online musings. And they search for viable ways to generate a regular
income. Thanks to Google and Blogger this is an easy process. Here’s what you need to know to join
the online blogging community and start earning money.

1. Surf to Bogger( and sign up for a free blogger account.

2.Submit all the requested information: your name, email address, select a password.

3. Accept the Terms of Service. This simply tells you what you can and cannot do with your blog. Click
the signup button.

4. Next, at the new screen follow the instructionsto create your blog. You will need to select a title and enter a brief blog description. A host blogspot, along with a subdomain. Your subdomain if your subject was gardeing might read:

5.Select a blog template. And you will be presented with a few other options. Make your selections.

6.You will now procede to the administrative area. You will have to make at least one blog post for your blog to go live.

7. Remember to Submit your blog to the search engines and directeries. Blogs are often added to search engines sooner than websites.

8. Now, once the traffic starts flowing join Ad Sense to make quick cash. Blogger provides easy signup to Ad Sense. Ad Sense will display relevant ads on your blog. You will share in the revenue each time a vistor clicks an Ad.

Use this information to start your own money making blog.

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