The Contentment of Peace

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There is nothing like serenity. During a war, a region is in a annoyed state. In serenity time, everyone believes secure. No one believes that his lifestyle or home might be damaged every time.

A region has a opportunity to success when there is serenity. It can plan all its actions for the improvement of its individuals. During war time, a lot of income is spent on hands and products. The same income is used for public health in serenity time.

Agriculture and other standard work may be maintained on in moments of serenity. During war moments the gardener has neither relax nor satisfaction to until his area or sow his plants. In other work too, all able-bodied, men are necessary to become a member of the military in war time. So the standard daily normal life is damaged.

When there is serenity, the researchers can have on his research and the artisan can make wonderful things. These actions cannot be maintained on in war-time.

Most important of all is the fact that individuals are peaceful and pleased in moments of serenity. Family members stay fortunately together. Each one knows his desires in his own way. In war moments individuals will stay in regular fear. They do not know when they will get bad announcement and sadness will get into their existence. So serenity is much better war because of its many contentment.

All of us have routines. Anything that is done continuously becomes a practice. Once we get into a practice we do a thing without considering it. Habits may be excellent or bad. Growing beginning, spending so much time, being prompt are excellent routines. Playing, promising, relaxing, using bad vocabulary, enjoying, stealing- and quarrelling are bad routines.

It is necessary growing excellent routines and keep away from bad ones. There is a saying that routines are at first spiderwebs but after- wards cabling. This reveals that routines might be weakened at first, but, once they become powerful, they are difficult to bust. Hence we should try to receive only excellent routines.

Childhood is the best to generate excellent routines in kids. If a kid matures with bad routines no one can make him unlearn them when he matures. Hence mother and father should be aware to see that kids have only excellent routines.


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