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It is here, in science and technology, that we have the most potential to surprise ourselves with large gains reducing oil consumption and global warming emissions. We must invest in our world-leading institutions and programs in science and technology. My fifth goal is to lead by example, making the United States a beacon of the new energy future. We have become a lone wolf instead of the brave CCA 4.0 TRAINING eagle, at least in the eyes of the world. It is time for us to fly high again, to see the whole landscape, to be seen by the world, to represent freedom, and human rights. As we implement these far-reaching policy changes at home, we must immediately return to the international negotiating table and support mandatory limits on global warming pollution, keeping atmospheric carbon below 450 parts per million. Nations such as India and China are waiting to implement big changes in their energy policies because the United States hasn’t committed yet. Yet they know climate protection is in everyone’s interest, including their own. My international program will include working closely and bilaterally with fast-growing nations like China, Brazil, South Africa, and India so that they use new, low-carbon technologies to meet their fast-growing demand. To achieve this, I will cooperate with the European Union, the World Bank, the Asian partnership, agencies of the United Nations, and our allies around the world to help finance the small incremental cost of “doing it right.” Internationally speaking, we must also groom relations with our largest oil suppliers, Mexico and Canada, which supply about 20% of our oil. My North American Energy Council will stabilize the oil and gas trade, work on a continental electrical grid, help bring energy resources and productivity to market throughout the continent, and develop a regional system for carbon trading. I know the importance of Arctic natural gas – from Canada and CCEA 4.0 TRAINING Alaska – and want to help bring that relatively non-polluting, plentiful, reliable resource to market. I also know Mexico, and believe that we can have a strong, constructive, historic relationship with that country that strengthens its economy and reduces immigration tensions. Lastly, we should work with the Gulf nations, and our partners in consuming nations and the United Nations Security Council, to try to create a multilateral system for protecting the Gulf. Securing the Gulf and other oil transportation routes, multilaterally, could help stabilize oil prices and international peace. About the oil companies… I know people love to hate the oil companies. They have been raking in huge profits. But I want to invite them to become energy companies, and invest in our thriving new energy future. The energy industry is invited to the table, but it isn’t going to run the table the way it has in the last five years. In closing… Americans need heat and electricity in our homes, schools and workplaces. We need to get places. Americans are hurt by unpredictable and soaring energy prices. The way out is to get off oil, to create competition, to support energy productivity, to maximize our strengths in science and research, and CCEA XP TRAINING invest in new technologies and energy sources. We can create a new energy future, with broad, bold strokes. And we must sharply reduce our global warming pollution in the process. A brief, conceptual speech doesn’t provide all the details. I know. So I hope you will go to my website and look at my new white paper on energy, security and climate. This is the way to a bright, strong, prosperous future for the United States – and for the world. I called for an energy revolution – and now, today, I call on you to join it.


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