Your Evironment IS Your Health

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Environment is a surrounding where man, plant and animals leave and exist.

The way to have good health is by keeping your environment clean at all time. By doing this you prevent diseases, prolong life, and promote health and social well being of the people.

To leave a healthy life ensures that all unfavourable environment agents, deleterious chemicals and substances, pathogenic microbes and parasites and prevented from contaminating human food and water. Not those human diseases are caused by microbes and parasites which are very harmful to human. Sometimes their harmful effects are vaccination are used against it, it develop with antigenic variations. And these are often found in developing countries where their environment is yet to be developed.

An environment where there is no good toilet, birth room, drainage for water, west dumps etc. Can never be free from these bacteria’s caused diseases even where they apply drugs against them.

Unhygienic life has caused many people to die early and many in pains of sickness. The cause of these frequent occurrence of cases of infection and their co concomitant effect on the health of the members of the public are caused by the poor standard and leaving of the people in that country or environment. This unfortunate situation is due mainly to social economic injustice, poverty, ignorance and malnutrition.


These problem can only be solve the government of any developing country stand out to say no to this ugly habit by marking out strategy on how to make it environment clean, and through adequate research and Medicare funding, public health education and another important things is helping the public to know how to use drugs and vaccines properly.

It has to be taking very important knowing that an epidemic which starts from a place may be spread to every part of the world. Who knows who may fall victim of these epidemic if not you your brother or sister at home so all hands should be on deck if this epidemics must be eradicated from our society.

SANITATION: is another important thing that should be taking seriously by governmental agent and the public; it will help in removing the west materials that would have accommodated some of this bacterial that causes diseases, many of them breed in filth, many of them like typhoid fever, cholera and dysentery, may enter into drinking water or food and effect many people.

Edwin Chadwick (1942) emphasized in his pioneering report on public health activities, there is an incontrovertible relationship between poverty, ignorance, filthy environmental conditions and communicable diseases. So the awareness on the terrible effects of filthiness on health and well-being kindled the interest and desire to reduce or eliminate filth and its associated disease dissemination.

Another god thing that should be done by the members of the public is taking a welfare food to avoid deficiency diseases and ill-health. A well- nourished person is more resistant to diseases than one who is malnourished. For one can only live a happy and healthy life if he is well nourished, good nutrition is widely regarded as the best preventive medicine.

A diet that is call balance dirt is the right food substance when it is properly and hygienically prepared it usually provides man with enough nutrients and energy to maintain body heart, carry out all his activities and to build up the essential tissues and cells.

FINALLY AVOID ABUSE OF DRUGS: Abuse of drugs is becoming the other of the day in our societies, somebody taking un prescript drugs claiming to know the name of the drugs and what it cure the fact that a particular drug was giving to Mr. A on malaria parasite do not mine that same drug should be giving to Mr. B on the same malaria parasite because the body system of Mr. A may be deferent form the body system of Mr. B. And mind you taking hug number of drugs un-prescribe kills is not the number of drugs you take that cures your sickness but the prescription formula.


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