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* Second, I worked with Congress and President Clinton to put together a nuclear worker compensation package–$150,000 dollars per worker and payment of all medical expenses. * I’m proud to say, to-date, it has dispensed more than $2 billion to workers or their survivors—trying to right a terrible wrong. (In New Mexico, labor sits at the head of the table). No CCSA TRAINING I sit at the head of the table but we have union representatives on every commission affecting your membership, in my cabinet, all the way up to deputy chief of staff and former head of the New Mexico Building Trades, Brian Condit. Over the years, unions and I have seen eye-to-eye a lot. As Governor I’ve been proud to receive the endorsement of every state labor union, the support of labor as Secretary of Energy, and in my 15 years in Congress I received an 88% rating from the AFL-CIO. (And for the 12% who disagreed with me, I also have been endorsed by the NRA, and they would like to have a word with you. Just kidding) I want to underscore an important point. * In 1992 Unions households turned out 19% of the vote—the entire national vote—and Governor Clinton became the first Democratic president in a dozen years. * In 2000 Unions turned out 25% of the vote—and Al Gore won. * In 2006 Unions turned out in force and today, we have a Democratic Congress. You’ve always done your part in helping Democrats. (Heck, you do more than your part). It’s now time Democrat’s did ours. Labor has a seat at my Cabinet table and a voice in my administration in New Mexico. When I’m President, my Secretary of Labor will be from the ranks of organized labor. You will sit at my Cabinet table and you will be the voice of labor–in my Administration. Second, Democrats need to work to create new jobs—clean CCSE TRAINING energy jobs. Let me tell you about those 84-thousand new jobs in New Mexico. We’re building biodiesel and ethanol plants, electric automotive and solar manufacturing sites, and providing new incentives to construct clean coal plants. We’re reducing our dependence on foreign oil, beating global warming and creating thousands of high-wage jobs. We’ve become the clean energy state. I want to make us the clean energy nation, and be America’s first “Energy President.” Now, another President—Bill Clinton used to send me in to negotiate the freedom of American hostages and political prisoners. He’d say “Send Richardson, bad guys seem to like him.” And that’s how I ended up negotiating face-to-face with people like Saddam Hussein, Fidel Castro, and the North Koreans. And every time, I brought Americans home. I think we need the same sort of strong and focused diplomacy, with friends and foes alike, in order to adapt our foreign policy to the global nature of energy…the global catastrophe of global warming…and the disaster in Iraq. We have to undo the damage…and the world is waiting. But, if this president’s foreign policy inexperience got us into this war, then it’s going to take someone with real hands-on international experience to lead us out. In the next nine months, I hope you will ask each candidate lot of questions. Listen to what promises we make, but ask us what promises we’ve kept. Listen to how we will unify our party, but ask us how we can unify the country. Listen to how we will withdrawal from Iraq, but ask us how we will negotiate the peace. Choose a candidate who’s got the vision and experience—to win the presidency, to unify our country, and to renew our leadership in the world. I believe I offer that vision and experience. I ask CCSA NGX TRAINING you to join me. Let’s end the division and bring our country together. Let’s start fighting for things that matter—access to health care, quality education, better jobs, and creating a clean energy economy. Let’s rebuild America’s middle class by supporting every workers right to organize. And because stubbornness isn’t a foreign policy—Let’s never be afraid to talk with our foes. And let’s have the courage to end this war in Iraq and renew America’s diplomacy and reputation in the world.


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