Under The Mistletoe Dvd

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I am delighted to own the Under the Mistletoe DVD, even if it is a bare bones product.  This adorable Christmas movie stars Michael Shanks, best known as Daniel Jackson on Stargate SG-1, and Jamie Ray Newman.

The DVD comes in standard case that in America features Newman, some mistletoe, and a couple of hanging ornaments.  Considering she has second billing to Shanks, it is very disappointing that he is not part of the front cover.  Interestingly, the UK version has a more festive cover that includes both lead performers.  I miss not having that cover on this American product.

The disk itself features the same artwork as the DVD cover, so that is nice.  I say that because this Lifetime movie is released by Ambitious Entertainment and Insight Film Studios, companies that at least are making this available but not offering much extra in the process.

This is a full screen presentation, which I enjoy very much.  When watching TV movies these days, we have all those little reminders of what is coming up, or what is playing now, or even what station is currently on.  It is overload that I am personally sick of as while they used to be small intrusions, many now take up the entire bottom of the screen.  That means watching the commercial DVD is the only way to really get the entire picture.  I am liking that fact a lot.

As for the story, it opens with Newman’s character becoming a widow after a tragic car accident results in the death of her husband.  Magically, it is a year later and she and her son are having adjustment problems, especially since the son insists he sees and talks to the dead father on a daily basis.

Enter the boy’s new school counselor and hockey coach, and lives will change forever.  Shanks loves hockey so was able to easily film the scenes that required him to be on the ice and do his thing.

The plot has holes and is sometimes rushed, but for those who enjoy Shanks and Newman in this romantic interlude, owning the DVD is essential.


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