Agatha Christie's Poirot: Classic Crimes Collection Dvd Set

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If you are a fan of British drama, Agatha Christie, David Suchet, or the Hercule Poirot character, you will no doubt love the Agatha Christie’s Poirot: Classic Crimes Collection DVD set, assuming you do not already own the programs individually.  The set of four programs, all A&E adaptations of Christie’s stories, are housed in a cardboard box that is fairly attractive and pictures Suchet.  The back clearly states what four stories are included in the set.

What I really do like about the set is that the plastic cases for the disks are solid and firm. So often now we get very thin, slim packs or even slightly thicker ones that really do not feel strong at all.  These are real protectors.

By my way of thinking, there really is not any extra material at all.  That said, technically each one contains biographical text on David Suchet who plays Poirot as well as on the author.  They also include an index of the Christie stories with Poirot.

The artwork is good.  Each disk front pictures the trademark Poirot picture plus one additional photo of him with a main character from that production.  The back has more pictures, at least two, from the show.  There is also a writeup about the story.

The disks have nice artwork as well, so it really gives some quality to the set, even without bonus material.  The disks do include chapter marks, which I highly value and which are not always done.

The four programs in Agatha Christie’s Poirot: Classic Crimes Collection DVD set are The Mystery of the Blue Train, Taken at the Flood, After the Funeral, and Cards on the Table.

My favorite by a long shot is After the Funeral, which held my interest throughout and has me wanting to watch it a second time.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fans might be interested to know that Alexander Siddig is in Cards on the Table, which at least provided some fun for that outing.  Veteran performer Elliot Gould is part of The Mystery of the Blue Train.

So, I did like being exposed to these works, and there were some good moments.  The set is good for those who appreciate these types of programs and are just after the basic shows.


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