Water, Water, Water! The More You Drink, The Better You Feel!

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Everyone wants to know how to have younger looking skin, lots of energy, and feel great on the inside. Well why not? Let’s get back to the basics here and talk about the one thing that can really give you all that you want! A tall drink of water. Yes people, water! I think the benefits of water go a bit under the radar and it’s time to reestablish just how amazing H20 really is.

First of all, there’s two ways you can have water – hot or cold. Let’s discuss the benefits of drinking it hot. Hot water is truly amazing for helping with digestive problems. There’s something about the heat of the water that just, well, lubricates everything and gets things moving again. It’s the perfect solution for when you’re having one of those days where our stomach feels grossly hard and heavy. Happy bowels, happy life, right?

The other benefit of drinking hot water is something I personally do and swear by. There’s a little trick that all the women in my family use when they feel one of those painful, about to be very big, pimples coming in. Mugs and mugs of hot water all throughout the day. Think about it like a sauna for your insides, steaming you from the inside out. You can be skeptical about this, but trust me it works. I have all my friends hooked, and it really does work wonders. Try it next time and you’ll be amazed at how that nasty little thing never surfaces, and just goes away!

So, now on to regular water -you know the plain clear stuff that comes out of your tap, no heat added. Water should be your staple drink all throughout the day. Not Gatorade, vitamin water, or flavored water – just normal from the tap or filter water. Drinking water throughout the day, 8 glasses or more, will begin to make your skin glow. Water helps get all the toxins out from your skin, it hydrates the skin, and keeps it supple. It’s pretty common knowledge that water helps to flush the body of unwanted toxins – so why not think about it in the way of flushing out your skin. Take a little one month challenge of drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day and notice how amazing your skin will look and feel in a months time. Now times this by years and years of your life – and you have a great solution for maintaining younger looking skin.

Energy! We all want more of it, so why not try something free and natural to help give you more? Water will revitalize the way that you feel. Wake up and down a glass of water before you do anything. This will jump start your metabolism for the day and help you burn extra calories. It keeps you healthy and hydrated and will do wonders for your diet. Make sure you compensate for salty foods that you eat by drinking even more water. We all know salt depletes your hydration, so make sure you drink a ton of it if you’re eating salt. Find your balance! You’ll feel less lethargic, less bloated, and less sleepy throughout your day if you’re loading up on water. You’ll also see that it helps with cravings and food intake. Gulp that drink of water right before a meal, or when you feel like a snack – it’ll help you feel less hungry as well as make sure you don’t load up on too much food during a meal. There really isn’t a negative outcome of drinking water. You’ll feel better inside and out, you’ll look better, and you will also come to crave it.

It’s simple, it’s pure, it’s water! So go on and hydrate people!


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