How to Get on The Good Side of a Teacher!

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Have you ever had a teacher who seems to give you the worst grades possible? Have you ever had a teacher who gives you the evil eye everytime you walk through the classroom doors? I totally know what you are talking about. Some times, teachers just don’t understand that you can be extremly sarcastic or really opinionated. So here are some tips and hints to get yourself on the list of favorites in your teachers diary!

  • START EARLY: First thing first, you always want to get on a teacher’s good side early, otherwise it’s gonna be WAY harder to get your teacher(s) to like you.

  • APPEAR ORGANIZED: Even though you actually might not be the best at organizing, you should at least make it look like you are. Teachers love it when you look organized, a tiny message goes through their brain saying, “Oh look, ____ is so organized! Since she/he is so organized, I know I can always count on him, because he/she is so responsible!”

  • LOOK GROOMED: Teachers have this special technique of finding out your personality by looking at what you wear, so at least for the first love it when you get “good grades” because they “know” that they have been doing a OK job at teaching. 

  • SMILE!: When you walk in the classroom, smile and look like (even though you might not) you really want to be at school.

  • SIMULARITES!: To be honest, I think that this is the most important one for sure. Some times, teacher might think that nobody likes how they teach. So that’s why you have to find out something that you and your teacher has in common. I know, this can be asking a LOT! But seriously, if you find out something that you and your teacher has in common, just bring it up at the end of class privatly and you’ll see the look of suprise on their face. For example, I had this one teacher that nearly everyone did not like. But then, I saw this Czech Republic poster in the corner of the room (Czech Republic is a country)  and said, “Wow, you have a Czech Republic poster!” And then, something miraculous happened: SHE SMILED! I mean, no one had ever see her smile before! And then we got in to this whole conversation, and I had officially become her new favorite. 

Hope this helps! 


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