Make Your Dollars Stretch: Cost-Saving Shopping Tips

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If you’re tired of buying items at the store you don’t really need and are wasting too much money, these cost-saving shopping tips will make your dollars stretch.

  1. Use coupons when shopping. Also, don’t get sucked into “two for one” deals. Those coupons actually might cost more money. Look online for free coupons and make sure to check expiration dates.
  2. Shop at discounted grocery stores or food outlet type stores. With the cost of food prices right now, you’ll save a lot of money. Check expiration dates on food items, beverages and canned goods. Buy staple items like bread and freeze.
  3. When shopping at stores like Target or Wal-Mart, check out the end of the aisles for the 50% to 75% off sections. Hit the end aisles first for the bargains. Although, don’t buy it solely because it’s a big discount. Ask yourself if you really need it and how many times you’ll use it.
  4. If you do frequent club/membership type stores, make a list and stick to that list when shopping. It’s really easy to get sucked into buying something in bulk that you really don’t need. Do you really need 20 bottles of shampoo?
  5. Limit your daily or weekly shopping trips. Sometimes you’ll go into the store to buy milk and will end up spending $40 on items you don’t really need.
  6. When buying high priced items like televisions or laptop computers, look online for rebates and bargains. Before you hit a chain electronics store spend time researching. You can also save money by looking into reburfished or second hand computers (especially laptops). Although, make sure you check warranties and that you buy from a reputable dealer or computer manufacturer (especially if you are buying items online).
  7. Check out auction sites online (such as Ebay). You can find inexpensive bargains on clothing and accessories.

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