Creation, The Bible, And Science

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The biblical account of creation found in Genesis I think cannot contradict science or modern science for that matter. Genesis Chapter 1 verse 1 says: In the beginning God created the Heavens and the Earth”. One has often heard from philosophers of antiquity raise the question “how can something come out of nothing?” But, I ask how can nothing come out of something? If something came out of nothing then the opposite must be true that nothing came out of something. But, both these scenarios are based of a mis-translation of the Hebrew because we all know that the scripture was written originally in the Hebrew language. The word create has no Hebrew equivalent, and is foreign in the Hebrew mindset because the Hebrew word often translated into create is not create but to fatten. The word is “bara” which is a word that concretely means fatten in a sense of action. So the accurate translation is “In the beginning God fattened the Heavens and the Earth.” Then where did the earth and heaven come from because a filling of the earth and heaven doesn’t explain where they came from? Only that it was filled and fatten up by the things of the universe. Well, the ancient Hebrews didn’t know where everything came from, maybe it was always there but unfilled and engulfed in darkness. When God said “Let there be light”, the universe was living in darkness. The answer to where the heavens and the earth came from are unknown except if science comes with an answer. The biblical answer to where we come from is that we came from the filling or fattening of the universe and that God was the one who commanded it to happen.

I think when scientists say that the universe started as a extremely hot dense point is space means that the universe no matter how small was always there and that God fattened it or in scientific terms expanded the universe from the size of a atom to the size of a basketball in a fraction of a second. The universe didn’t spontaneously appear or create itself as proposed by other scientists, but has always existed before the beginning of the universe. The ancients always supported the idea that the heavens and earth where fattened and filled up with the sun and stars. The idea of creation ex nihilo or creation out of nothing came from philosophical and theological sources that have no scriptural Hebrew basis. The account of Genesis and modern science can now be in harmony with each other because of the right translation from Genesis chapter 1 verse 1.


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