Natural Mental Health

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If someone is diagnosed by a mental health doctor as mentally ill, and they administer anti-psychotic drugs one or one’s loved ones should consult a holistic more natural way of treating mental illness. Anti-psychotic drug is a big business and what they don’t want the consumer to hear is that these drugs don’t cure or treat any disease, and when I mean treat I mean natural practitioners of medicine look at the root problem and try to fix that problem in a holistic and natural way with herbs, vitamins or other means. The anti-psychotic drugs only treat the symptoms and often times psychiatrists want the patients to keep taking it for life and in the end the patients are better off with a natural doctor or homeopathic doctor who can treat illnesses with care and not with false treatments. No one likes being wrong and the psychiatrists are considered wrong in their methods of treating mental illness unless they change and stop relying in the drug industries for their pay and start treating illnesses with natural substances. Without the pharmaceutical industry the psychiatrists will probably be without income unless they turn to a more holistic way of treating disease which I don’t think they will change.

People have the power to make psychiatrists change their ways of treatment and make a impact in their communities. It is their duty to resist and demand treatment or to go to a holistic doctor to treat them. What the psychiatrists are doing is not curing disease but only maintaining it and make it so that the patients never become better and do not rely on drugs to stay well. To stop funding the pharmaceuticals and rely in traditional Chinese Medicine and other natural treatments is a good and well way to become mentally well. But, according to mental health doctors of Psychiatry one is well when one has no symptoms, but the drugs only suppress the problem by hiding necessary symptoms to help treat the disease properly and efficiently with natural medicines and a diet rich with vegetables and fruit.

People should be more informed about their mental illnesses and come to a conclusion to see a doctor who can treat one’s mental illness in a natural and safe way. The medicine received by a psychiatrist has to many side-effects that it is not worth to take. In the end, it does a disservice to mankind to not properly treat illness like it was before in ancient times when people treated illness more naturally. Hippocrates said in Epidemics , Book I, Ch. 2, “As to diseases, make a habit of two things – to help, or at least, to do no harm.”


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