Places to Visit When in Boston, Massachusetts

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Boston is a great place to visit whether for vacation, or for those on business trips. With numerous tourist spots, your visit in Boston will be full of fun and adventure. Add to the list the numerous Boston Luxury Apartments; you will never have to worry about your stay.

Below are a few of the many adventures you can have or places that you can visit when in Boston.

Duck Tours – with the combination of land and sea tours, Duck Tours are some of the city’s most popular tours. Tourists will be toured around the city’s attractions and will have their harbor cruise in the Charles River.

Trolley Tours – similar to Duck Tours, the Trolley Tours will also take tourists on tours around the city. The only difference is the use of small trams (which look like buses) with a tour ticket valid for one day. This only mean that a tourist can hop off the trolley, have a closer look at interesting facts around and hop on to the next trolley to move on to another landmark. This makes Trolley Tours an interesting thing to do when in Boston.

New England Aquarium – if you are staying in any of the Boston luxury rentals near the Central Wharf you will have easy access to the New England Aquarium. Visitors like you will surely enjoy the large school of fish, aquatic mammals, penguins, and more. The aquarium also has the “Giant Ocean Tank” where you can see Caribbean coral reef replica, huge turtles, barracudas, sharks, and stingrays. At the end of the “Sea Exhibit”, visitors are given the chance to get a hands-on experience, which includes touching sea stars, sea urchins, and horseshoe crabs. This is definitely a unique experience and has been well rated on tourist attraction review sites. The New England Aquarium is definitely a good place to go if you are bringing your children on vacation with you.

Other than the above-mentioned attractions, Boston has a lot to offer. They have the:

The USS Constitution

Boston National Historic Park

Boston Public Library

Bill and Finch Pub

Franklin Park Zoo

The Symphony Hall

Ghosts and Gravestones Tour

John Hancock Tower

Charles River Dam Visitor Information Center

Other than that, make sure you book your stay at any of the Fenway apartments if you are an enthusiasts aiming to meet and greet your favorite sports team in Boston. These luxury apartments and suites are perfect for those who will be spending a few weeks in Boston, as they are far less expensive than hotels. Also, if you are bringing your family or are traveling with a few friends, renting an apartment big enough for all of you is better than figuring out who stays in what hotel room.

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Written by Bruce Garland a Boston native and baseball enthusiast. Bruce wants to help you get the best Boston luxury apartments, Boston luxury rentals, and luxury apartments in Boston.


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