Venice Italy 7 Days All For $550.00 "thanks Mom"

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Venice Italy—–On the cheap

How I went to Italy for seven days in 2003 and had breakfast and lunch in the hotel covered for $550.00. There are two answers one is my mother whom is constantly looking for good travel bargains and she called me at work and said do you have time off?  “I said I guess so.”  and she said “great because I booked two round trip tickets on my American express card to venice for 7 days”. All for $550.00 dollars. At this point I thought she was going a little crazy because I thought “what is the catch?” do we have to visit a time share, do we have to go through 10 different cities to get there? What is the catch? But there was not a catch  She simply went online and found a great deal.

We flew from Atlanta to Frankfurt via Lufthansa. All overseas flights and international carriers offer free alcoholic beverages as well. I think I forgot about this. I was in heaven. Then we flew from Frankfort to Venice and took a watercraft taxi, which is standard out to the island of Venice. This is where you start to feel strange. I have been all over the entire world but when you pull up to the Venetian skyline by sunrise it is like stepping back into the 15th century. You realize that this place is old and full of history and delight. There are coffee shops, espresso bars and internet cafes on every corner. So if you go when it is cold or wet which are both commonplace in Venice then you can step inside and have a shot of Italian espresso to warm your bones.  The hotel was old, about 200 years old and it was not a luxury joint by any means. I stood on the bed and lifted the arm off of the chandelier and then placed it back on. I could not believe it was real Murano glass hanging above us.  I knew it as soon as I walked into the room but I had to prove it to myself. We went to Venice at the end of January, it was cold but not too cold and it was well before the famous carnival season which drives the price up of your trip. Another great reason to go in winter is that the canals do not smell. Many of my friends that have visited Venice in summer say the canals smell terrible with the summer heat.

We were very fortunate and blessed to find a winter tour right before carnival (the high season). It was truly a vacation of a lifetime.


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