Mother Was Right, I Did Not Listen to Her

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The little lamb

 Polly was a little lamb. She was white in color. She lived with his mother. One day, Polly’s mother was going to the market. She said to Polly, `do not go anywhere stay indoors’.

A tiger is moving around. He will eat you up. But Polly was very naughty. After some time he thought, `I will go to the forest. I will play with my friends. There is no tiger there. I will have a fun. So, Polly walked towards the forest. There were many trees in the forest. Polly loved to walk in the forest.

Polly met the squirrels. They had white and black stripes.

The squirrels were Polly’s friends. One squirrel gave Polly a nut and said, `Polly, come on, come on, let us play’. Polly was very happy. She played with the squirrels. The parrots also began to play with tem.

The parrots were green in color. They had red beaks. One parrot gave Polly an apple, and then Polly met Bunny, the rabbit. Bunny had white fur and long ears. Bunny gave Polly a carrot. Polly was very happy. She played with Bunny thought, `the forest is very good place. I will come here everyday.’

Then Polly saw the tiger. The tiger had yellow and black stripes. The tiger saw Polly and growled. Polly was afraid.

Polly ran towards her house. The tiger also ran after her. Polly ran very fast. She hid in her house. The ti8ger went away.

Polly thought, `Mother was right. I did not listen to her. I will not be naughty again. I will listen to my mother’

second story-The tiger

There lived a tiger in a dark forest. His name was Sherkhan. He was very proud of himself. He thought that he was the most powerful animal of the forest.

`I am the greatest in the whole world,’ he would roar to himself.

One day, a sparrow heard the lion roaring. The sparrow smiled and said, `No, you are not the greatest in this world.’

The tiger stopped roaring and looked up. He saw a small sparrow sitting on the tree and smiling.

`How dare you!’ roared the tiger. `How dare you say that I am not the greatest?’ `I am not afraid of you,’ replied the sparrow. I know you are not the greatest in the world. Mount Everest is the greatest,’ she said.’

The tiger was very angry now. `Nonsense!’ he roared. `I will climb the Mount Everest and show you,’ said the tiger. The tiger began to climb the Mount Everest.

When he climbed one mountain, he saw another mountain higher than the first. The tiger grew tired soon. He tried but he could not climb Mount Everest. 

The tiger could not climb to the top. He came down and sat under a tree. `You were right,’ muttered the tiger to the sparrow. The sparrow was happy now.


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