How Lynette Scavo Can Have It All

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Ah, the classic dilemma for women who want to work but have young children that need them and a thriving existing business to run. This article explains how Lynette can have it all.

What you need:

An open mind to flexible working situations

Step One

Remember how Parcher and Murphy had those large encased glass offices with the shiny steel handles on the all glass doors?

Step Two

This was in Season Two of Desperate Housewives in case you don’t remember.

Step Three

What she can do is survey the inside of the pizzeria for an 8 ft wide, 12 ft deep space and create an enclosed glassed in advertising office for herself. This could be accomplished by taking out just one pizzeria booth and installing a ceiling to floor office.

Step Four

Inside the office there would be enough room for a small conference table, four client chairs, a chair for herself, a flat screen computer monitor and computer with printer and scanner, an easel to put advertising mockups on, a dry erase board and maybe even a chalkboard.

Step Five

Potential advertising clients would come to the pizzeria in the morning at like 7 a.m. and hear an advertising pitch for Lynette’s Advertising Company and then if they signed the paperwork and decided to hire Lynette they would be invited back later on that day for a free pizzeria lunch.

Step Six

This way Lynette doesn’t have to go anywhere to wine and dine her clients she can do it all from her own pizzeria.

Step Seven

The client number would have to be kept at a minimum of ten clients at a time because you do not want to outgrow that space you want to keep the agency within a small area inside the pizzeria to keep the family all together.

Step Eight

Any other client would have to be put on a waiting list for her services. Lynette could also ask her husband Tom to help her with the advertising business so that there would be another creative input for the advertising business.

Step Nine

You see, Lynette and other women really can have it all.


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