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Many bloggers have begun when the only reward was that of self-satisfaction of being able to express their ideas, their creativity, knowledge, and even dreams. Knowing that there were some regular visitors who stopped to read what he wrote, was the way of reward for them.

And then, slowly, something began to change.

Some small have begun to make a living at the same blogs, not just a “living, pizza and beer” alive, but in some cases, they saw more income in a month than they had previously won a year. Some people like Darren Rowse of Problogger made his money mainly Google AdSense was launched in 2003. Other levels of traffic was selling advertising space to companies that fit well with the theme of their blogs.

So if it’s so easy, why do not more people do it and be successful at it? It’s just that, despite the perception of many people that online marketing is a market-style magic button, the truth is that it is indeed a lot of work early to start a blog with high traffic popular with hundreds posts, thousands of readers every day, and a marketing plan that works.

As someone who has had the chance to leave his suit and tie positions, to pursue a career in Internet marketing and making a living through her entire blog, I thought to share some primary revenue stream I trust, so if you had to choose a career like, you know the most important areas to focus on, and will not waste time on those artists who are either poor, or simply do not perform at all .

A source of income

Your main source of income is from the list you build subscribers, people who are interested in the theme of your blog. Typically, you can offer your visitors something of value as an ebook or ecourse in exchange for their e-mail, and the right to send them updates and offers. The average customer is worth about $ 5 to $ 12 per year, while it may not seem like much will grow over time to become your main source of income. I recommend you to invest as much of your resources in the stream as you can.

However, it is important to note that this revenue stream will let you do almost anything, and should be considered a long term investment.

Two sources of income

Once you have built your level of traffic to the point where you can begin to attract advertisers to your site, you can sell ad spots on his blog. These may take the form of banners in the header, footer, or sidebar, and maybe even in their own positions in some cases. A blog to get 2000 or more unique visitors each day can do very well with this method. But again this is not a short term solution to the problems of income you may have. Building on these levels of traffic has a lot of hard work.

Three sources of income

Normally I consider Google AdSense advertising income stream, and he works with two gains, but since I have given you two long-term employees so far, I thought I would share one that can start producing income right out of the door. A brand new blog can easily earn enough to pay your server every month and over time can turn into something that could even make payments to your vehicle. My blog got $ 25.00 the first month and continued to grow from there, and yes, Google me car payments every month.

4 revenue stream

Affiliate marketing has long been a favorite of Internet marketing. There is no need to build or create your own product and you can immediately put to sell these products are already hot items online. Promoting someone else’s product in exchange for a portion of the sale price or commission, you can start making sales and making money by exploiting the popularity of affiliate sites like ClickBank or Commission Junction . These sites pairs up with affiliated providers, and take care of all aspects of monitoring and reporting framework which ensures that you will receive exactly what you earn while promoting the various products that are available through these markets.

By integrating affiliate links in your blog, you can earn a commission every time a sale is made large, often between 50% and 75% for many digital products.

Input current 5

Now I hope I have not been deterred from pursuing a dream of working from home or trying to make money blogging, because it was not my intention. In fact, I think everyone should enjoy the freedom that comes from having your own business and be your own boss. This is the revenue stream that can make an immediate income. It is also a job like most of one of the methods listed.

Sell ​​an online service can begin to generate revenue for you today. It’s a simple matter to hire you as a freelancer. If you can write, there are a thousand bloggers on the lookout for people who can write good content. If you can design your graphics or web pages, again, you will find a market for your services without having to search too far. It is up to you to decide what skills you have that are marketable, and link the theme of your site.

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