What a Lady Wants You to do to Become a Perfect Man? As it Comes Out The Formula "perfect Man" is Interpreted by Men And Madams Very Diff

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What a lady wants you to do to become a perfect man?

As it comes out the formula “perfect man” is interpreted by men and women very differently. It is because of this misunderstanding there exist all sorts of struggles and troubles between females and men. This relationship issue is as old as the world itself. Scholars and clergymen, scientists and political leaders have been looking for to find some way out of this eternal dilemma, but it appears they failed as yet. We suppose that in these unquiet days of economic upheaval alongside a rapidly developing technological advance, it is only the mere human humor, that helps the best way to look at a situation from a new angle. Only if you laugh about a problem, you discover a thousand means of fixing it. Our head becomes purified and goes to a free flight in a creative uncontrollable human imagination.

Now I am going to tell you all about this in more details.

For a girl, the best guy is he who gets out of a parked automobile and says with delight: “My sweetheart, you parked the car perfectly, my Masurati has already been dented!”

The best gentleman for a madam is when it is six o’clock in the morning and you comfortably lie on a couch and watch a melodrama on a DVD player, and he suddenly turns to you and you see crocodile tears on his face too! Because it is impossible not to sob when Hugh Grant was ditched by a girl.

A perfect guy for a lady is he who goes to work in the morning, and his girl gets up in the morning at his snug and discovers a note on a divan with the following: “Greetings, Baby your dinner is on the table and my password to my linkedln is one two two six eleven eight one six!”

For a lady, the best guy is the man to whom his girl says, “Hey, I liked a fur coat yesterday in some dress shop for 10 000 dollars. Can I have it?” And the perfect gentleman says to his madam: “Fine, Honey, I will take a compensatory leave tomorrow, I intend to take a credit in my bank right in the morning, then we’ll go shopping for the whole day, I think we can buy something very costly!”

For a woman, the best man is not he who drived to a club on his own Mercedes, hooked up with three girls with him and headed home to party… No, don’t mention it, the best man for a lady is he who is sitting next to her in his car and calling out: ‘I have an idea, let’s not go shopping this morning, I’ll be ok without a coat this winter season. I’d better get you to hairstylist, since I feel like your hair tips are kind of splitting.”

For a girl, the best guy is the one who makes love to her for six hours on end and then another five hours right along telling her about all sorts of cool things till she drops off to sleep, winding his hair about his finger, the same as all females do!

A perfect guy for a girl, is he who goes to a water closet in the morning and then his wife wakes up a few hours later, then goes to a water closet, and notices a big steamed heart in the bathroom mirror on the wall!

An ideal gentleman for a woman is he who himself presented her with roses, then himself put them in a vase, poured some water in it, put some sugar, some salt and a little of iodine. So that the blooms stand longer.

A perfect gentleman is always perpetually to persuade his woman. He proclaims, lets get you a whelp, and I will perpetually square away her poo myself.

For a madam, an ideal guy is when you are two being behind time for his birthday jubilation, and he says to you: “So what that 100 friends are waiting for us, Darling, do not rush, just thoroughly choose a proper attire to put on! To tell you the truth, for me your wardrobe is much more crucial than my own natal day!”

For a madam, an ideal man is he who comes home from work, sits in front of TV, and you put food in front of him, but he exclaims: “I will not eat in the parlor! What of it, that the national team is right now playing in the Football World Cup, this is not a reason! Everybody must have his meals in the kitchen! And either we go to the Ikea the other day, or I have no idea what would come about our planet!”

Dear ladies, I beg you with love. Take care of your men even if they are not perfect!


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