How To Gain More Friends

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Do you want to collect more friends?? Of course, you will answer yes. But the question is how? It so simple. I want to share with you what I’ve learned from my reading.

        I know that sometimes you’re wondering why some people have more friends than you. Why? Maybe you will answer, because of what or how he or she looks. No, the way they look does not have anything to do with this, but for some aspect it does. But one thing is sure: you can be like them if you will try to follow these easy and very simple suggestions.

        1. BE FRIENDLY. A friendly person is much more attractive to others. Some consider themselves shy, so they will respond more to a friendly person than to a snobbish one. Besides, her friendliness will lessen person’s fear of rejection.

        2. AN EYE CONTACT is a non-verbal way of telling someone you wish to communicate with him. According to a psychologist, when an individual looks at the person eye’s it gives a silent communication and speaks of what you’re telling about. It is also a way of attracting people so that you can start a very good, friendly relationship.

        3. BE OPEN. It will show someone interests, let him feel your affection toward him and who knows, this might start it all. After all, the better you know someone, the closer you feel towards him.

        4. LIKE PEOPLE AND THEY WILL LIKE YOU TOO. If you accept them will be more attracted than if you are critical of them. Don’t be judge mental about themselves. Stay humble and try to know the person better.

        5. BE PATIENT. Always remember that “patience is a virtue”. Be patient enough to get know a person. Don’t bother if some of his qualities may not the same as yours. Enough time spending together may result to a better friendship.

        7. BE HAPPY. People are attracted to others who appear to be happy. They are good and nice to be with. So, stay positive, never lose hope after all, being happy is a symbol of being a good friend.

        8. Have a SENSE OF HUMOR.  Dealing what is enjoyable in life will help you the person comfortable to you. This will win their interest to you and make them happy to get to know you while having your sense of humor as a captivating weapon to gain more friends.

        Since, you have some ideas on how to gain more of friends. Don’t forget to be true to yourself. It may help you a lot in handling different types of people.     Be of friends too…


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