Agatha Christie's Poirot: Taken at The Flood

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When writing about any British program, I always feel like I need to include a disclaimer that says this is not really my thing.  It is often a combination of just not understanding the fast speaking performers and not getting their lingo, and sometimes it is just a style that I am not fond of.  I also think it is because I rarely recognize any of the performers.  Then, from time to time, I will be surprised and find one that I actually enjoy.  That is the case with Agatha Christie’s Poirot: Taken at the Flood.

Presented by A&E, it is hard not to recognize David Suchet as the sophisticated and robust detective, Hercule Poirot.  There are two things that strike me about this character: his mustache and his manner of referring to himself as “Poirot” when talking to others.

In this adaptation of Agatha Christie’s Poirot: Taken at the Flood, I more or less knew who the guilty party was all along, but I did not know how it was going to play out and all of the intricate pieces.  The story centers around a family that is unhappy with the fact that one of them has married a young woman who they do not want to inherit the man’s fortune.

There is plenty of murder and mayhem, and lots of romantic interludes as well during the 95 minute program.  The twists and turns are interesting, but what fascinates me is how long the resolution takes. Like Perry Mason, there is a huge wrap up that explains exactly who the murderer is, how those turns and twists happened, and who ultimately is responsible.  It is not always one person, and that is part of the intrigue.

This denouement seemed to go on forever.  Even though I found it somewhat gripping, it never seemed to end. I believe that is par for the course with the Poirot movies.  I wish they were a bit more concise.

As I mentioned, I do not really know any of the actors, but as an ensemble, they managed to hold my interest, so that says something positive about this program.


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