The Advantages Of Using A Garmin Dakota 20

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A Garmin Dakota 20 is the latest edition of the model created by the Dakota Garmin. Garmin makes GPS (Global Positioning System) devices that have many features designed for different functions.

Garmin Dakota 20 provides additional advantages, such as on-the-trail GPS device. Here are some of the advantages of Garmin Dakota:

Waterproof and rugged

Dakota 20 is designed for dust-proof, dirt-proof, shock proof, and waterproof device. This is a portable handheld style is robust and is on-the-go functionality.

Satellite coverage around the world

Your outdoor adventure can be unlimited, so that the GPS would be to provide global satellite coverage, so you want to load some places. Dakota 20 is pre-installed base maps around the world, a HotFix satellite technology, and you can even download Google Maps for it.

Extended memory

His memory will not fail you because it has a micro SD slot, which can add up to 50 routes, 200 numbers and 10 000 points. These features are beneficial for the geocaching activities, so that you can transfer your data to other compatible models of GPS Dakota wireless via its wireless (ANT-based) transfer system.

High-tech features

Garmin Dakota 20 is a barometric altimeter and height of the curve of the indicator, ie it is able to detect topographic position of a maximum of six remote sites. E ‘can also download current statistics, the pressure altimeter. E ‘equipped with a magnetometer and accelerometer, which provides the most advanced 3-axis Tilt Points, which can be downloaded to the desired location to your destination without the need to be considered as a horizontal tilt axis, paragraph 2 of the GPS.

Touch Screen

It has a 2.6 inch touch screen that lets you upload high resolution images (160 X 240) which can be viewed even in bright sunlight and low light. It provides the browsing experience more comfortable with a touch of a hand anywhere.


The Dakota 20 has dimensions of 2.2 x 3.9 x 1.3 cm and weighs 148.8g. Its battery can last 20 hours. Garmin Dakota 20 comes in a portable, easy to carry comfortably in your hiking in the mountains, geocaching, hiking and activities even under water.

Other Features

You can also calculate the area of ​​current data, it is the sunrise and sunset information, and provides the best time for fishing and hunting opportunities, which are useful for your outdoor activities.

The Garmin Dakota 20 device comes with a strap, USB cable and manual. The device itself costs about $ 349.99. If you are looking for the essential features that must have a GPS, a Garmin Dakota 20 shows all in a package small enough to escape.

Carson Burnett is a writer specializing in electronics and navigation. You can visit their website at Garmin Dakota, where he provides unbiased reviews and buying tips for a range of electronic devices, including Garmin Dakota 10 and more.


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